Here is a “Pleasant Events” list of things you may consider fun but don’t routinely think about doing. It’s a unique list I complied especially for women by marrying several lists mental health counselors prescribe to their patients. I’ve also thrown in a few fun things I thought you might like to try.

There are 365 fun things to do. Coincidentally, there are that many days in a year…so, I think this COULD be a funner year than average. I intend to do all of them. Click through the links on the list to see my experiences illustrating this list. I post an experience from the list each Monday.

If you’re feeling down and are looking for a change of pace, this might be your answer. Most items are not difficult, expensive or even time consuming. Give her a read, try some of them out. Feel free to take the 30 day challenge. It’s sure to add some variety to your life.

Pleasant Events List

1. See famous people

2. Drive in the country and yell “moo” out the window whenever you see a cow

3. Wear a lei

4. Go garage-saleing

5. Play badminton

6. Invite someone new to lunch

7. Have a heart to heart with mom or dad

8. Buy yourself some beautiful flowers—better yet have them sent to you

9. Visit a ski resort in the winter—even if it is just for lunch

10. Try to make someone laugh during a quiet meeting

11. Make a “welcome home” sign and display it

12. Write someone a nice letter and send it to them in a cutesy decorated envelope

13. Use Vicks or Icy Hot rub on yourself

14. Read a gossip magazine

15. Sit on a moonlit deck or patio for a while and relax

16. Spy on someone with binoculars.

17. Think of ten great pickup lines and use each one during the day

18. Put clean sheets on your bed and take a nap

19. Swing on a swingset

20. Swim in a lake

21. Buy an expensive hair product and enjoy using it

22. Visit a plant nursery or exotic greenhouse

23. Make some paper origami creations

24. Listen to a radio station online from across the globe (I recommend KPOA Maui, HI)

25. Get a department store make-up counter makeover (or better)

26. Enter a sweepstakes, or a bunch of contests

27. Buy new sandals

28. Sit in a hot tub

29. Jump off some stuff and yell “Geronimo!” (you may want to do this with kids or you’ll look crazy)

30. Sing around a piano or guitar with some friends

31. Start a dream diary

32. Hold a sleeping child

33. Yawn in room full of people, count how many yawn with you

34. Watch a soap opera

35. Make a list of ten terrific people you know

36. Look at cute babies on YouTube

37. Look at cute animals on YouTube

38. Wear a pretty nightgown

39. Attend a high school football basketball etc. game

40. Feed the ducks

41. Test drive some new cars

42. Select an unusual word and see how many times you can work it into your conversations.

43. Listen to Frank Sinatra on YouTube or otherwise

44. Host a fondue party

45. Make a midnight Denny’s run with a friend (or without)

46. Wear strange glasses for one day and enjoy the attention and comments you get

47. Watch a Western movie (I recommend Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid)

48. Eat some Skittles put some thought into which color is your favorite and why

49. Watch a parade

50. Feed a horse some weeds through a fence (or otherwise)

51. Eat in a hospital cafeteria

52. Call an old friend from out of the blue

53. Visit a tourist site in your own community

54. Ride a bicycle

55. Try a new recipe

56. Go to a jewelry store and try on fancy jewelry

57. Cuddle with someone

58. Ride on a train or subway

59. Volunteer as a reading tutor at a school

60. Go to a baseball game

61. Wash your car by hand

62. Shoot a bow and arrow or a gun

63. Say “Yes” to every request for an entire day

64. Break a dish or start a fight. Just do it.

65. Throw three things away that are meaningful but you hate seeing

66. Play jump rope with some little girls in the driveway or in the street

67. Go on a ride (zipline, climbing wall, roller coaster, merry-go-round etc.)

68. Make shadow puppets with a child (or alone)

69. Take some things to goodwill. Buy something for yourself while you are there

70. Buy a different kind of scented soap or shampoo

71. Buy a cool poster and hang it up somewhere

72. Lookup some bed and breakfasts in New England. Call one with a question.

73. Take a tour of an industrial facility (mine, factory, landfill etc.)

74. Wear Sparkle Boots (or something else unique)

75. Go boating

76. Canning

77. Get up really early and watch the sunrise

78. Get a massage

79. Go to an amusement park

80. Have house guests

81. Play childhood games (hide and seek, sardines, kick the can etc.)

82. Make a charitable donation

83. Play in a musical group

84. Play lawn sports

85. Walk a mile barefoot

86. Visit people who are sick or shut in

87. Make a major purchase

88. Go to a government meeting

89. Introduce people who you think would like each other

90. Ride in an 18-wheeler

91. Attend a wedding or significant life celebration

92. Work on a political campaign (attend a rally, hand out flyers, etc.)

93. Go to a rock concert

94. Take dance lesson(s)

95. Wear expensive/formal clothing

96. Dine at the most expensive restaurant you know

97. Eat something you’ve never dared to try

98. Afternoon Delight…

99. Do some needlepoint or other handicraft

100. Color your hair

101. Visit a bakery you’ve never been to and try a specialty

102. Decorate your house with helium balloons

103. Walk on the grass with bare feet

104. Hold hands with someone

105. Attend a play

106. Take a tour of a candy factory, cookie factory, bakery etc.

107. Wear your favorite outfit two days in a row

108. Tickle and be tickled

109. Brush a soft, velvety flower petal against your cheek or lips

110. Listen to loud music with earbuds

111. Watch a James Bond movie

112. Attend an exercise class

113. Make a Christmas ornament

114. Kiss for 45 seconds and see where it leads

115. Think about “the best things in life are free.” Decide which free things you like best

116. Play a trick on someone

117. Hide around a corner and scare someone several times in one day

118. Attend a class at the local library

119. Beauty day (tweeze your eyebrows, paint your nails etc.)

120. Plan a trip to Tahiti. Look up hotel accommodations, whether you plan to ever go or not

121. Use a phrase such as “What’s Up Doc?” as many times as you can in one day (or until people start to notice)

122. Lay under an electric blanket outside

123. Play ping pong

124. Walk an incredible distance

125. Apply sunscreen, just so you smell “beachy”

126. Organize a dodge ball game

127. Take a different route to work

128. Listen to Jimmy Buffett music

129. Get a grass stain

130. Zone out or stare out into space for a long time

131. Take a nap in an unusual place

132. Buy yourself a goldfish

133. Arrange an “accidental” meeting with someone you’d like to see

134. Find something you love on Pinterest and make it happen

135. Read an entire book in one day

136. Get a passport, just in case

137. Peoplewatch (at an airport, the fair, or anywhere really)

138. Tell someone something you’ve been meaning to say

139. Buy some new knee socks and wear them pulled them all the way up

140. Make breakfast for dinner

141. Convince someone of something that isn’t true

142. Color with crayons and display your work

143. Read a book that you hated from your assigned reading list back in school

144. Order something off of TV

145. Order something off the menu that you would NEVER ordinarily order

146. Eat from a street merchant (taco cart, hot dog truck etc.)

147. Fix your hair in a different way

148. Listen to a program on NPR radio

149. Say “who loves you baby?” as many times as you can in a day or until people start to notice

150. Volunteer somewhere (rest home, soup kitchen, humane society, etc.)

151. Get on the roof of something and hang out there for a while

152. Lie down and watch the clouds and eat your favorite candy bar

153. Work on a home improvement project

154. Choose your favorite painting at an art museum. Tell someone why it is your favorite

155. Buy flowers for someone

156. Have karaoke night

157. Play videogames with friends (or by yourself)

158. Watch a really lame movie

159. Slice up a pineapple and eat it

160. Look through a telescope

161. Plan a surprise party for someone

162. Shop for a great white elephant gift

163. Make this a red letter day

164. Listen to some Beach Boys music

165. Visit a different church’s services

166. Participate in a food challenge (spicy, unusual, or just plain volume)

167. Buy or bid on an item in a want ad (or eBay, Craigslist, etc.)

168. Big-time decorate for a minor holiday (Arbor Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.)

169. Eat a popsicle or ice cream novelty

170. Sneak in somewhere

171. Soak in the bathtub with ambiance (music and candles)

172. Plan your career

173. Get out of (pay on) debt

174. Collect things (coins, shells, etc.)

175. Go on vacation

176. Invite your neighbors over to your house for lunch, especially if you don’t know them

177. Recycle old items

178. Go on a date

179. Relax

180. Go to a movie in the middle of the week

181. Go for a jog, walk

182. Go for a long drive

183. Listen to live music

184. Be coached

185. Buy household gadgets

186. Lie in the sun

187. Play a board game

188. Do a work project with siblings or friends (e.g., painting, cleaning)

189. Race popsicle sticks down the gutter

190. Buy a wind chime and set it up where you can hear it

191. Fly a flag

192. Go roller skating

193. Laugh

194. Empty out a Bic pen and use it for deep breathing exercises (like a straw)

195. Think about past trips

196. Listen to others

197. Read magazines or newspapers

198. Hobbies (stamp collecting, model building, etc.)

199. Spend an evening with good friends

200. Plan a day’s activities

201. Meet new people

202. Remember beautiful scenery

203. Save money

204. Make a friendly wager

205. Play in a bounce house for at least an hour

206. Eating

207. Practice karate, judo, yoga

208. Think about retirement

209. Repair things around the house

210. Work on your car new floor mats, air fresheners other décor.

211. Remember the words and deeds of loving people

212. Wear sexy clothes

213. Have a quiet evening

214. Take care of plants

215. Buy or sell stock

216. Go swimming

217. Doodling

218. Exercising

219. Collect old things

220. Go to a party

221. Think about buying things

222. Play golf

223. Play soccer

224. Fly kites

225. Have a discussion with friends

226. Have a family get-together

227. Ride a motorbike

228. Acting

229. Run on a track

230. Go camping

231. Sing around the house

232. Arrange flowers

233. Practice religion (going to church, group praying, etc.)

234. Lose weight

235. Go to the beach

236. Think “I’m an OK person”

237. A day with nothing to do

238. Go to a class reunion

239. Climb a mountain

240. Go sail boating

241. Travel abroad or in the United States

242. Painting

243. Do something spontaneously

244. Have some good adult chatter

245. Sleeping

246. Teach a child how to do something you love

247. Entertaining

248. Go to a club (garden, Parents without Partners. Or dance clubs, why not)

249. Think about getting married (past or future)

250. Go hunting

251. Sing with a group

252. Flirting

253. Play a musical instrument

254. Do arts and crafts

255. Make a gift for someone

256. Buy a CD (or digital music)

257. Watch boxing, wrestling, etc.

258. Plan a party

259. Cooking

260. Go hiking

261. Write (poems, articles, journal entries, or start your novel)

262. Sewing

263. Buy clothes

264. Go out to dinner

265. Work hard

266. Discuss books

267. Sightseeing

268. Gardening

269. Go to the beauty parlor

270. Have an early morning donut and newspaper

271. Play tennis

272. Kissing

273. Watch children (play)

274. Think “I have a lot more going for me than most people”

275. Go to a play or concert

276. Daydreaming

277. Plan to go (back) to school

278. Think about sex

279. Do an activity with residents at a nursing home or retirement center

280. Have a Lemonade Stand or a Bake Sale

281. Refinish furniture

282. Watch TV

283. Make lists of tasks

284. Ride in a go-cart

285. Walk in the woods (or at the waterfront)

286. Buy gifts

287. Travel to a national park

288. Complete a task

289. Make a leaf rubbing

290. Go to a spectator sporting event (auto racing, horse racing)

291. Eat gooey, fattening foods

292. Teach

293. Photography

294. Go fishing

295. Stay on a diet

296. Play with animals

297. Fly on a plane

298. Read fiction

299. Make a meal for someone

300. Being alone

301. Writing diary entries or letters

302. Cleaning

303. Read nonfiction

304. Take children places

305. Dancing

306. Go on a picnic

307. Think “I did that pretty well” after doing something

308. Meditating

309. Play volleyball

310. Have lunch with a friend

311. Go to the mountains

312. Think about having a family (past or future)

313. Remember happy moments in your childhood

314. Splurging

315. Play cards

316. Solve riddles mentally

317. Have a political discussion

318. Play softball

319. See and/or show photos or slides

320. Play guitar

321. Start a card playing group

322. Do a crossword puzzle

323. Shoot pool

324. Dress up and look nice

325. Reflect on how you’ve improved

326. Buy things for yourself (perfume, purse, earrings etc.)

327. Talk on the phone

328. Go to a museum

329. Think religious thoughts

330. Light candles

331. Ride on an ATV

332. Perform your own pedicure (or pay for one)

333. Go snowshoeing

334. Think about your good qualities

335. Buy a book

336. Take a sauna or a steam bath

337. Go skiing

338. Go canoeing or rafting

339. Go bowling

340. Woodworking

341. Fantasize about the future

342. Take ballet, tap dancing

343. Debating

344. Sit in a sidewalk café

345. Get an aquarium

346. Go to the Temple or a Church

347. Go horseback riding

348. Think about becoming active in the community

349. Do something new

350. Make jigsaw puzzles

351. Think “I’m a person who can cope”

352. Buy and wear an obnoxious T-shirt

353. Buy some expensive cheese

354. Stay up really late

355. Fly paper airplanes

356. Wear a wrist corsage

357. Buy a new water bottle. Carry it with you

358. Try on something that is way too big. Ask the store employees how it looks on you.

359. Eat outside

360. Make a prank phone call to someone you know (or to someone you don’t know)

361. Start a chain letter (or annoying email forward).

362. Perform a random act of kindness for someone you know

363. Perform a random act of kindness for someone you DON’T know

364. Drive with the windows down and the radio loud

365. Think about pleasant events and make a list of things you think you might like to do



  1. This is such an incredibly fun list! I’m going to pin it for later!!

  2. You’ve totally done #356!