My Lovely Lady Lunch

After four new families moved in on my street, I decided I needed to host a lunch so that we could all spend a little time together.

I’ve lived on my street for 7 years and I try to be a very friendly person.  You’d think that I would have gotten to know everyone at this point.  You’d be wrong though.  There are at least three residents on the street with which I have NO relationship, and it’s a very small street, so maybe I’m not that friendly…hmm.  Anyway, one of these residents has lived here only 300 feet or so from my home and I have NEVER had a single conversation with her.  Yikes! This makes me sound like a social recluse.  I had no idea. You think you know yourself…

I knocked on each door on Sunday afternoon and invited each of them over for the following Thursday.  I thoroughly enjoyed the doorstep conversations I had with my neighbors, some I knew well and others it was my first time speaking to them.  Everyone seemed excited to have the invitation.

I was especially pleased to have met my neighbor Lindsay whom I have lived so near for seven years.  She was a delight.  As it turns out we attended the same high school and both have cute three-year old daughters.

I spent most the week cleaning and preparing my house.  Nothing motivates me to clean things up more than inviting a bunch of women over.  Why is that? By the skin of my teeth I had the house ready when the doorbell rang.  One by one, they showed up.

I made a delicious Orzo chicken Salad, sliced a pineapple and made some Snicker-doodles (I prefer to call them Sokol-doodles) the day before.  Each of the ladies showed up with food in hand and we had our selves a nice little Lady Party with yummy Lady Party food.

We had a nice time chatting, getting to know more about each other and discovering things we had in common. We talked about work, and babies and hobbies and all kinds of this and that.

Most importantly, we got to know a wonderful lady on our street and her cute three-year-old son whom no one on the street really knew, even though she’s lived her for years.  After this, I hope they’ll feel more acquainted and more a part of the social network on the street.

The ladies stayed for about 2 hours left better acquainted with me and each other.  I was delighted to host this lunch and delighted to have the company of my lovely neighbor ladies.

I’d recommend holding a lunch (see no. 176 on the THE LIST) to anyone who is feeling lonely or shut-in during the cold weather.  I bet a dollar that you have some neighbors who are feeling exactly the same way.  It’s a great way to extend a hand of friendship and welcome everyone.  I’m only sorry that I didn’t take any photos.  Oops!  I guess I’ll just have to do it again sometime.

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2 Responses to My Lovely Lady Lunch

  1. Emilee says:

    That is a great idea. You are so nice and such an inspiration!

  2. sinika says:

    I love this idea! The last time I did it, the whole street and all their pre-k kids came (I live on a big street…) so there were lots of people. And some kid unknowingly had the flu. Our whole street got it from our little get together. I felt bad about it, but what do you do. We all probably would have gotten it anyway from church or school right? And all the ladies had fun chatting and getting out of the house. So I’ve been thinking of doing another one- thanks for the inspiration. (How can one person be so inspiring?)