The Funnest 30 Day Challenge Ever!

Remember when you were single?  Remember how there was always something FUN going on?

Remember how on Thursday or maybe even Wednesday it was time to start thinking about Friday or Saturday nights? A date (hopefully)? Would it be a group going out? Dancing? Road trip? Whatever it was, it was always something.

Anticipating fun things made being single great! A lot of people (including me) made the mistake of thinking that finding fun things to do after marriage was unnecessary. I guess I assumed that once I was married I would somehow be entertained for life.

My husband and I found enough fun things to do to make marriage great until we had our first child.  That’s when I really started to miss having fun and looking forward to fun things that I WANTED to do.  I subconsciously replaced fun with eating and consequently gained a lot of weight.  Oops. (I’ve since lost it. That was fun).

If you’re feeling down, depressed or blue, a lack of fun may be your problem too. It really might be just that simple.

I’m not saying that FUN-having will SOLVE all your problems; I am simply saying that having an appropriate amount of fun in your life makes you more regular.   It’s kind of like fiber in your diet.  I don’t need to explain what happens when you don’t get enough fiber do I?  You get all stopped up, that’s what.  If you don’t have any fun, you’ll get all stopped up too, just in a different way.

So here’s the challenge. Visit my Pleasant Events List and pick 30 fun, pleasant things to do.  Then plot them out over the next 30 days and have 30 pleasant events. Most are super simple to do (so don’t tell me you don’t have time). Pick things you know you CAN do rather easily and make them a priority.  Also pick a couple things that will require a little more planning to accomplish, they will be worth the while, I promise.

Feel free to write me and let me know what you did; what was your favorite thing or what new things you learned about yourself.

For me, it’s not just about doing fun things, it becomes more about the things I think of, or feel, or are introduced to because of the fun things I am doing.

For example: I went snowshoeing a few years ago, because it was on the LIST it took me inside the mountains in winter-time which I am embarrassed to say is something I’d never done.  The beauty I found there was simply awe-inspiring.  Addicting. I’ll never forget the sound of the snowmelt off of thousands of trees dripping with moisture or the iridescent glitter of the snow gleaming in the bright sunlight.

While snowshoeing I saw cross country skiers. It looked easy, so we rented some skis (for $8 at Sports Chalet anyone can do this, it’s not expensive) and tried it the next weekend.  That led me to want to try downhill skiing which I’d also never done.  Turns out I LOVE SKIING!!!  And I’m pretty good for a beginner.  Now I am in a whole new place than I once was.  Who knew I would turn out to be a winter sport NUT.

I hope you’ll take the challenge.  I know you’ll love it.  Leave me a comment and let me know that you’re taking the challenge. I know you’ll have a great experience.

Have Fun!

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15 Responses to The Funnest 30 Day Challenge Ever!

  1. Mindy says:

    Just reading through your list of Pleasant Events brings tears to my eyes. Probably because a lot of them are so simple and I know they would help me to be more positive and fun and I miss being a fun person. I have paper and pencil at the ready and will be making my list of 30 (or more!) to do over the next month+. Thank you!!

    • Kristin says:


      I am SO glad to hear that the list touched you. I had the same reaction when my husband showed me a similar list a few years ago. I forgot how easy and simple it can be to put a little variety and good-times back into daily living.

      Keep me posted on your fun things. Don’t get overwhelmed. It should be really easy and fun. Send me a photo or two. Maybe I’ll use it if and when I write a follow up to this.

  2. Amber says:

    I took the kids bowling today, and usually I just let them bowl, but I thought of you and this blog, and so I bowled too! I looked like a fool cheering for myself when I got a strike with the bumpers up, but I thought, “This IS fun!” I can enjoy bowling too! And I hope my kids remember their mom being a fun mom and a goof ball:) Thanks for the inspiration. Tomorrow I’m going to make myself a gourmet steak dinner with stuffed mushrooms. Just because John’s out of town and I tend to get down when he’s gone. You are my ideal! I am already happier and it’s only been one day :)

  3. Pily says:

    I hear you! We like to take the kids to interactive musseum or have a “play” put by me and my husband or the kids that’s good fun!

  4. Marianne says:

    I haven’t yet gone through your list yet, but just reading your post has inspired me. It snowed today so I think I’ll take advantage of it & take my son sledding!
    I’ll refer to the list to keep me going. Love it!

  5. Emilee says:

    Thank you for the list. I always think that having fun needs to be some grand event. The list was a good reminder that having fun doesn’t require a complex plan or even spending a dime. . .thanks!

  6. What a great challenge! Sounds like a lot of “fun”. You’ve got some great ideas here. Thanks for introducing me to your fun blog. Have a great day.
    PS…I bet your Nachos will be a hit!

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  13. sowmya says:

    hii..thank u soooooooo much for the list..i was inspired by them..l let u knw d thngs i did after i do them.