Mission of the Vocal Sokol–Not an electronic Affirmation Service

Despite how it may sound, the mission of the Vocal Sokol is NOT to provide you with a daily quote about happiness. Rather, the Vocal Sokol exists to VOICE a reminder to seek out happy, fun, joyful things TO DO on a daily basis. Happiness comes from DOING things you like and look forward to everyday.

We forget that having fun is an important part of life.  In many cases, it makes life worth living.

I started the Vocal Sokol as an outlet to document my life’s journey and many varied adventures in fun. It is part of my own recovery from an episode of mental un-wellness after the birth my first child (postpartum depression).

After several months of watching his new wife deteriorate, my husband sat me down and told me my life didn’t have to be sad and boring forever. This was NOT was he expected when he married a lively, fun and very social girl.

He broke out the binder he kept after going through his own break-down in college. Part of his recovery from mental un-wellness was having a pleasant event to look forward to every day.

He instructed me to have my own pleasant event every day. I was unaware that I had turned from a single fun-loving party animal into a Mom-bot, nursing a baby, cleaning, cooking, sleeping and overeating.

After our conversation, I made an effort to DO things I personally enjoyed, even if it was a pain to plan or I didn’t get everything else on my list done. Anticipating each daily act of fun changed my life. It gave me the momentum I needed and propelled me into the deeply fulfilling and happy life I lead now.

I desperately want this for all women everywhere. There are so many important responsibilities and burdens we bear.  Anticipating a little fun every day, makes it all worth the effort.

The Vocal Sokol is the VOICE to your personal call to action. Fun generally does not spontaneously happen for adults. You have to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I hope to inspire other people especially women and mothers by sharing with you my lifestyle of fun. Don’t think that any of the things you read about here are just happening. I work very methodically to MAKE them happen.

I also use the format of this blog to tell you about people who inspire me with the hope that you feel inspired too.

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3 Responses to Mission of the Vocal Sokol–Not an electronic Affirmation Service

  1. Barbara says:

    I liked reading your thoughts and seeing your photo. (It was sunny and bright). Woman is that she might have joy, too! Nice to see you at Costco. I’ll “stop in
    and read again.

  2. Darla says:

    Thanks for reminding me that it’s up to me to create fun experiences. Sometimes we try too hard to act like an adult, to the exclusion of acting like a child once in a while. Kids have all the fun – not!

  3. tiff says:

    Prolly the best blog I’ve come across in ages. I seriously love it! Thanks for writing!!