How To Turn Your Mood Around Fast

Here’s a quickie for how to brighten your mood, fast.

One of my very favorite ways to kill an hour if I have one to kill (or even if I don’t) is to think of a song I really like and then go and find it on YouTube. While I am listening to it and feeling great, I look on the side bar to see the suggestions or related songs.

Sometimes they are related, sometimes they’re not.  I always enjoy this time more than I expected to, and it always changes my mood.  It’s strange how many twists and turns your YouTube musical journal will take.  I can start with MC hammer and within three songs, it’s lead me to Frank Sinatra.

Somehow though, my musical journey always ends up here. But it’s a pretty good place to end up.  Impossible NOT to smile during this video.

This totally counts as #43 on the list.

So..take ten minutes and see where YouTube music videos will take your mood.  Feel free to share your results with me here or in the comments below.

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