Twitter picSo glad you’re interest in learning more ABOUT the Vocal Sokol!

I’m an early thirties mother of two cute little girls and wife to a husband who makes my life way too easy, fun and interesting. He’s pretty much the wind beneath my wings (and the money behind my debit card).

I enjoy writing and laughing at the things I write. I enjoy doing things I’m not sure I can do.  Some things I’ve failed at.  Others I have accomplished.  Since I am optimistic, I’ll share my successes with you.  First, I lost 65 pounds over 4 years on Weight Watchers.  Second, I ran my first race, a half marathon in 2007.  I ran the whole thing. It changed my life.  Third, I graduated from college even though I was really never that academically gifted.  Fourth, I learned how to write well (in college) and continue professionally here and other places.  Fifth, I survived being sprayed by a skunk. I rode my bike 100 miles in one day.

Other interesting things about me…I’m very short.  I have a pet hibiscus who is a fickle little lady, but worth the high maintenance attitude.  I stalk celebrities, but not for a living. I’m far sighted but I didn’t know it until I was 31.  I swim surprisingly fast.

I think that’s about it. If you have any questions, I’m always happy to talk about myself.  Feel free contact me button and ask away.

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