The Electric What??

So I have my first-ever sinus infection. I suddenly feel a bit more empathy for all you sinus problem people.

Anyway…I walked into my local grocery store/pharmacy so I could go buy some Sudafed to combat my swollen sinuses when all of a sudden I felt much lighter.  I also immediately started thinking about Jr. High school although I couldn’t quite put my finger on what had changed my mood so quickly.

Then all of a sudden it came to my conscious mind.  It was the song playing over the PA system.  It made me deliriously happy even though my sinuses were hurting so badly.  I didn’t even recognize exactly what the song was; I just knew it was unbelievably familiar.  I had to wait until the chorus before I realized what I was hearing.

The ELECTRIC SLIDE?!?!  I LOVE the Electric Slide. What ever happened to the Electric Slide?  Boogie-woogie-woogie. I have such vivid memories of doing the Electric Slide at all my favorite and best teen dances.

It was such a fun blast from the past.  I knew right then that I had to share this, so you’re welcome. Don’t worry it won’t be in your head all week long (it will).  I KNOW everyone in my age group has memories related to this song.  What are they…share (aka leave a comment, it’s ridiculously easy and not annoying).

Also…just in an effort to bring the 90’s back to their proper nostalgic ranking, teach your kids the dance.  It’s like riding a bike, it will come right back to you.  They give a pretty good demo on the video.

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