What I Wish I had 7 Years Ago

If you haven’t read my blog before, I’m a mom, but before I had kids I was a regular person.

It’s too bad there isn’t a transitional period where you learn all the things you need to know to become a mom.  If you’re like me, you have to depend on your mother or your friends to teach you the basics of raising a baby.

The problem with this is before you actually have your children you don’t know what questions to ask.

My daughter Sunny telling me she wanted to wear some clothes.

Then one day your baby comes and BAM!  The baby NEEDS you and you’re supposed to know what to do.

We’ve done alright at our house.  We’ve struggled with some things, other we’ve just plum done wrong, but somehow we get by.

There are some things I wish I could have a do-over on, like my first birth experience in 2005.  It was tumultuous at best.  I was unprepared for the realities of childbirth AFTER delivery, especially the mental un-wellness I experienced postpartum.

It took me some time, but I got better and learned from my first experience and vowed I would NOT repeat it.

No, I wasn’t one of the cute pregnant ladies. I was more of an engineering marvel the way I could still stand while sporting my gigantor 38 week pregnant belly.

I was pregnant for the second time in 2008. I had a hard time finding resources to make a better birth plan as to not repeat what happened in my first labor and delivery.

Before the widespread use of facebook it was difficult to find insight, referrals or trusted relevant experience.

I scoured the internet for alternative birthing methods.  I mostly found questionable hippy birthing sites I wasn’t confident in.  In the end I found a site about Hypnobirthing and even found a class on this birthing method at Intermountain Health Care’s Alta View Hospital.

After discussing the idea with some friends I found out I knew two women who had successful Hypnobirths. On their recommendation I took the class and had a WONDERFUL birth experience.

I wish it had been easier to find resources back then. I know I could have avoided the trauma related to my first birth.

If you’re an expecting mom to be or already have children, I’ll do you a favor and point you to Intermountain Moms Page on Facebook.  You can have what I didn’t back then. You’re welcome.

It’ll save you the time and trouble finding trusted resources, services and ideas that make the act of mothering easier.

The page has an “Ask Nurse Dani” feature allowing you casually ask questions to one of Intermountain’s most experienced Nurse Educators who is a Mom herself.  She has years and years of experience in labor and delivery and LOVES to connect with moms looking for a little advice.

For me, the most useful component is having a place were 10,000 + moms are already sharing experiences and relying on each other.

I’ve always heard it takes a village to raise a child.  The Intermountain Mom’s page is easy access to an enormous village of women, on-line resources and caring professionals who want you to succeed.

As a blogger, I’m honored to be participating in the launch of the Intermountain Mom’s Facebook Page.  As a mom I’m excited about all the benefits it will provide our community of mothers.

I hope you’ll “Like” this page, and engage yourself in it.  I promise there are young mothers who will learn from what you’ve been through. I also promise that you’re NOT the only mom who struggles. Find answers and idea there.

Besides the benefits I’ve already described there are giveaways in their “Daily Delivery.” Its your chance to win free and fun essentials related to raising babies.

There’s also some amazing apps for moms on-the-go who utilize most of their internet connectivity on their phones. Search the content and find all the useful and fun things you can do.

This is just what I needed 7 years ago when I started my journey in Mommying, but I’m glad its available now!  I hope Nurse Dani and the rest of the applications at Intermountain Moms save you the frustration and hardship of figuring it all out on your own.

*This is a sponsored post for Intermountain Health care’s Intermountain Mom’s facebook campaign.  All opinions and personal information are mine and are for realsies.


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3 Responses to What I Wish I had 7 Years Ago

  1. Holly says:

    All so true! I can remember frantically searching for books that would give me a heads up on how to take care of baby’s basics… only to be hit upside the head with the fact that it’s all much more fluid than that! Having a living, breathing resource is such an amazing opportunity! I loved your post and your family is darling!

  2. Summer says:

    I completly agree that I wish there was a resource like this when I was having kids. My first birthing experience wasn’t great and being a new mom I felt a bit lost. This is a great resource – I am an Intermountain Mom as well :)

  3. Lovely post Kristin, I so agree with you!! I did have my little one only 2 years ago but still… I feel like if I had known about intermoutain moms I would have learned soo much!! Aww and all the worries you go tru as a first time mom!

    PS: Your little girls are adorable :)!!