Getting Rich Quick…Yes Please! –No.26

It’s kind of old news now but a week ago was the Mega Millions Lottery and I was one lotto ticket away from hobnobbing with Bill and Melinda Gates.

My husband’s co-workers, a bunch of auditors who should really know better, put together a $5 buy-in and sent someone to Idaho to buy a bunch of lotto tickets.

Waiting for the drawing all weekend was SO exciting!  I mean really, I knew I wouldn’t win, but deep down inside, I really thought that I probably WOULD win.  I think my husband did too.  He kept talking all weekend about needing to draft his resignation letter due to the fact that he would have to devote himself full-time to our wealth management.

I spent the weekend trying to decide if I would buy a place in Kihei Maui or Wailea Maui.  It is a tough decision.  One is prettier, but one is closer to nice restaurants. I also considered which charities we’d be giving much of the money to once we won, so I’m not totally shallow.

Anyway…The numbers were drawn…Oddly, NONE of our numbers were drawn.  I was genuinely surprised, and…sad.

But hey…that’s the life of the lotto.  Dreams come and dreams go.

After I mopped myself up after the disappointment, I started looking for another opportunity to win big.

I quickly found an opportunity on one of my FAVORITE blogs They’re offering an IPAD!  For free!  All I had to do was enter the contest and “like” a bunch of things on facebook.  It’s not the Lottery and its not 600 million dollars, but it IS and IPAD and last time I checked, they’re still pretty cool!

Wish me luck!  Pretty soon I’ll be downloading a bunch of apps, I just know it!   Number 26 was tons of fun, plus, I know it’ll make me rich someday soon!  Even if it doesn’t it sure brought me a bunch of excitement I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

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