How To Be A Good Citizen–It Involves Snack Foods

Every Monday I post a “Pleasant Event” that I’ve enjoyed doing during the week. This week, in the end I’m not sure I really “enjoyed” this experience because it was really long and incredibly boring. But…I did it so I am going to report it to you anyway because it still counts.

This was number 88 on the list. This might not sound like all that much fun, but it is important that regular people attend government meetings at least occasionally. Otherwise we leave all the decision making up to nut jobs and ego maniacs.

Now, I probably could have selected an easier, less time consuming meeting to attend, but I decided for this blog I would GO BIG. So…I was nominated by my neighbors to be our delegate and to attend the Republican County Convention. The convention is where the decision is made as to which candidates will be the ballot for the general population this fall. Jealous much? I’m pretty much sexy and I know it.

Prior to the convention day, I must admit I did enjoy watching the candidates work (hard) to convince me to vote their way. They carefully listened to what I had to say. I grew up as the youngest child with five older brothers. No one ever listened or cared what I said, so this was a real treat.

On convention day, I was eager to vote. I thought I would march right in there and cast my ballot. Little did I know that I was in for the A to Z of electoral processes. It’s an all-day meeting. I knew that beforehand, but until you actually experience being at an all-day political convention, you won’t realize how long the meeting lasts. Plan on being there for the rest of your life.

I was irritated at how many meeting delays there were when crazy cat-ladies and pot-stirring weirdo’s tried to oppose everything under the sun. There were 1500 delegates there and there had to be a majority vote to do anything. The ridiculous delays and incessant voting about ridiculous procedural nuances put us an hour behind schedule.

And then there were the audio problems.

You can see from the size of this group that it was a large room with reverberation issues. The masses seemed very displeased and had no problem airing their grievances. It actually felt a lot like Festivus. I thought I might die at this point. This was already supposed to be an all-day meeting. I really didn’t want it to turn into a weekend deal thanks to all the political crazies who somehow got nominated and elected to this position.

Next time you are invited to attend your neighborhood caucus meeting, please go. Take your well-put-together thought processes and elect a SANE person to represent your neighborhood.

I got really bored adoring all the speeches and lame updates from the Republican party. Instead of listening I decided to chase down high-profile politicians and get them to pose with me for a picture. I had good success doing this.

Me and Utah's Governor Gary Herbert.

Here's me and my old buddy Orrin Hatch. I think he looks as bored as I felt in the photo

And then I found Utah Congressman darling Jason Chaffetz.

Here's me and Salt Lake County Candidate Mike Winder. I usually don't give political opinion on my blog, but if you live on the west side, you'd be CRAZY not to vote for him.

After Star Tour 2012 I came back to my crew which consisted of my old buddy Chip and my sister-in-law Tammy. They did a good job of keeping me there. I think I did a good job of entertaining them mainly with inappropriate comments.

I enjoyed the company I kept almost as much as the food I ate. I know using food for entertainment goes against everything I learned at Weight Watchers, but honestly, I wasn’t sure how long I would be there. It seemed like a life sentence at the time and all I had was food to live for.

Chip bought these Nachos for us to share since I mentioned I was craving 7-11 Nachos.


We did the best we could and got these from the on-site concession stand. There were no Jalapenos, but I have to say they were pretty good. We also ate a bunch of candy provided by the candidates. It wasn’t worth it. We felt like crap afterward.

After what seemed like many hours, because it was many hours, we had finally elected several candidates to be on the ballot this fall. So you’re welcome. As a surprise bonus most the candidates I preferred won their races.

If you try number 88 on the list, I’d pick a regular City Council meeting or something you could leave when you got bored. Just a thought.

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4 Responses to How To Be A Good Citizen–It Involves Snack Foods

  1. John Knotwell says:

    Where were you with your inappropriate comments LAST Saturday? I missed out.

  2. ba says:

    parker will think you are very very cool for the jason photo! cant wait to show him!

  3. Miki says:

    Hilarious! Leave it to you to get a pic with the governer, senator, and congressman. Orrin’s face is priceless!

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