Ten Terrific People #35

My pleasant event for this week is #35 on the list, making a list of 10 Terrific People.  I wasn’t in a great mood when I started writing this post, but after thinking about all these terrific people and how they’ve shaped my life, my mood changed.

So here they are, Ten Terrific People, in random order.

  1. Miki Eberhardt: I met Miki at church several years ago.  She radiates fun and beauty inside and out.  Her hilarious quick wit leaves you looking forward to your next conversation.

    Miki and her husband Johnathan.

    I always leave her feeling better about myself.  She really is terrific!

  2. Jimmy Fallon: When he started doing late night, I fell in love with him as a charming entertainer.  His songs, his impressions, his comedic timing, I LOVE it all.  I actually love the whole team, Higgins, The Legendary Roots Crew, all of it. Plus, Jimmy just seems like someone you could be friends with, doesn’t he?

    Since no cameras were allowed in the studio, this is the best I could do for a photo with Jimmy Fallon.

    I even got to meet him once for a brief second when I saw his show in New York.  It was terrific and so was he!

  3. Colleen Perkins: She was my boss while I worked through college.  She basically taught me everything I know about being a professional, working hard and keeping commitments.  She’s a RN BSN and a retired Air Force Officer.  My life would be different if I hadn’t known Colleen, she’s one of the strongest most terrific women I’ve ever known.

    Here’s Collen with her daughter who when I knew her was six years old. She’s 21 now. Time really flies! Don’t they look like twins!

  4. Jaycee Tuttle: I met Jaycee at the crossroads of my life, the very first day of my mission and I was terrified! She instantly invigorated me with excitement.  We later served together as unstoppable proselyting missionaries.  I’ll never forget the complete joy of being around her 24-7. She’s TERRIFIC!

    Here she is 10 years later with a crop full of children and a husband from the mission. I would have married her too except, you know…she’s a girl.

  5. Spencer Hardenbrook: Spence HB is from my college days.  He was a stand-up guy and delight to be around. He knew what he wanted and stuck to his plan even leaving parties early to do homework or go to bed so he’d be prepared the next day. I’m so proud to say that he just graduated from Medical School and is an MD.  Now that’s terrific!

    This could be your new MD?

  6. Alyson Myler: I have such fond memories as a child of sliding down the stairs in sleeping bags with my cousin Aly.  She’s a ball of unstoppable fun.  Now she constantly impresses me.  She’s a black belt in Karate, owns and operates a Karate School, travels the world and has amazing stories to tell. Oh, she also has four kids including a set of twins. Terrific, YES!

    Oh…did I mention her and her hubby have sic bods! I guess Karate does a lot of good for the body. This is their photo after finishing the Spartan Beast.


  7. Matt Lauer: I started watching TODAYseveral years ago.  I rapidly built a relationship of trust with Lauer.  I can’t exactly say why I like Matt Lauer.  Maybe it’s because he delivers the news so well?  Perhaps it’s because he’s unexpectedly funny at just the right moments?   Possibly it’s just because he reminds me so much of my brother Randy.  Either way, he’s terrific!

    Here’s my big TODAY victory! I love New York.

  8. My Brother Randy:  Speaking of my brother Randy, he’s a constant in my life.  Before I met my husband, he helped me figure everything out.  He’s the voice of reason.  Plus, one day in 7thgrade I forgot my lunch money and he gave me his.  If that’s not a terrific person, I don’t know what is.

    Here’s Randy and his cute family. His father-in-law took this photo. Maybe that’s why he looks nervous.

  9. Paul and Patsy McGreevy:Paul and Patsy were kind enough to open the door and listen to our missionary message.  They also read and prayed about the things we shared.  Watching their conversion was one of the most meaningful things that has ever happened.  My life surely wouldn’t be as full or happy without having known them. They’re terrific!

    Here’s me and Steve with the all Mormon McGreevy Family (minus one, where are you Ryan???).

  10. Warren Buffett: He stands as a folksy, very wise billionaire.  Steve talks about his business practices and we often adopt his sayings and principles. His wealth hasn’t changed him.  He still lives in the same house in Omaha, drives a Cadillac, and eats at DQ (which he owns).  The most terrific thing about him is he’s promised his entire fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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2 Responses to Ten Terrific People #35

  1. Leslie says:

    Awh, Randy is the best. One of the reasons we decided to have our kids so close together is because I really love the relationship you and Randy have, I hope our kids can have that. I didn’t have that with my brothers.