Being a Stupid Idiot

I wrote this a few days ago and wasn’t sure if I’d post it or not…I hope I made the right decision.  I hope some of you can commiserate with me.

I know I’m usually the Queen of Happy and Self-confidence, but I have bad days too. Today has been one.

As I’ve walked through the rooms of my house, I see things cluttered and un-done. My floors need to be swept and the laundry washed and my car is dirty and my fridge is empty and the weight of the world is resting on me and I can’t handle it.

My mind has felt a lot the same way.  I’m thinking of all the things I haven’t done and NEED to do. I can only think of the things that should be done by now, the things I said I would do, but have not.

I also ate WAY too much pizza today at a stupid pizza buffet, and yes I do know better.

The worst part is that I am married to someone is is neat and orderly and basically perfect. His strengths are my weaknesses.  We’ve enjoyed a happy, fun marriage for more than 8 years now and every day I’m afraid he’ll catch on to the fact that I’m really just a stupid idiot who is sucking his time (and money) away.

We’ve been involved in some pretty hard-core recreating this week and after returning home to the reality of life, I crumbled under the pressure of catching up and confessed to my perfect husband that I’m really incompetent and unqualified and he could do better.

Being the perfect husband that he is, he let me know that it was okay and not to worry because underneath it all, **everyone is a stupid idiot.

This seems like a strange post to share on my little positivity blog, but I just want all the ladies who are under the weight of the world comparing themselves to their perfect neighbor next door (or in my case, a perfect husband) that really, when it comes down to it, we’re all just struggling to keep our heads above water sometimes.

So…the take away here is simple.  Dory from Finding Nemo said it best. Just keep swimming.  Accept what is.  Do a little more when you know you’ve slacked off or lower your expectations a little when you don’t feel like you can do anymore. And…if you ever feel like a stupid idiot, you’re not alone.  Everyone feels like one more often then you might imagine.

**Steve wishes to apologize for calling everyone a stupid idiot.



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3 Responses to Being a Stupid Idiot

  1. Tiffany says:

    I think those are the posts that most of us need to hear a lot. We all have more days like that then we would like to admit. It is tough. Especially when you feel like you HAD strengths before you became a wife or mother. I know that housekeeping is not my biggest strength. If I was a man, I could go to work and have a career in whatever I was good at, collect a paycheck, and feel pretty good about myself. Yet as a wife, it doesn’t matter if you suck at keeping house, it is still your job if you are staying home with the kids. The staying home with the kids part, I love. Good at it? I am okay. But I am a big slacker when it comes to the rest of the job description. It is just good to know sometimes that other women similar! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Misty says:

    This is maybe my favorite of your posts, not because you felt crappy, but because I could totally hear Steve talking you down to earth again. Steve, I love ya even though you called me a stupid idiot.

  3. Elise says:

    You’re a real person? You’re not perfect?! I didn’t know that. I love this post because it shows all of us that even super happy people can have crappy days. I hope your week got better.