Be The Coolest Mom on the Block #81

007If you’re looking for a way to impress your kids and show them you still know how to have fun, I have an idea.

It’s a simple idea. Of all the impressive places we’ve taken our kids and the things we’ve done with our kids, this might be the one THEY remember the most.

We had one Saturday afternoon with not much to do.  The kids wanted us to play hide and seek.  Instead of pacifying them with TV or drawing pictures or other usual methods, we just did it.  AND…it was very fun.  011

What was surprising was how much fun my husband and I had while we were playing.  It was honestly very thrilling and exhilarating standing in a dark place very quietly…Waiting to be discovered, not knowing when we’d be found.

012My husband was very sneaky and would scream out BOO when I found where he was.  It scared me so much I almost peed my pants several times.  We all just died laughing about it after.

004Who knew you could still feel such excitement and emotion as an adult, playing hide and seek.

It was fun to see all the clever places my oldest daughter found to hide.  008My younger daughter tended to hide in the same place over and over, but she sure was cute while she was doing it.

So…if you’re ever feeling down or blue and need a quick pick me up, I’d suggesting a little Pleasant Event like this one.  This one was fast, cheap and guaranteed to change your mood in less than 5 minutes. Plus, you’re kids will tell their friends you’re the coolest mom ever.

I’m counting this as number 81 on the Pleasant Events list.



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2 Responses to Be The Coolest Mom on the Block #81

  1. Brittany says:

    That is an almost weekly occurence at our house. We play it for our FHE activity.

  2. Amber says:

    We always play ghost in the graveyard… someone hides and when someone finds them they yell “ghost in the graveyard” and everyone runs to the base (we use our bed for the base) while the ghost tries to tag someone. Also do you remember playing sardines? My kids don’t do very good with that one, they will hide in a closet or somewhere that no one else can hide with them :) so we usually stick with Ghost in the graveyard :)