Alyssa’s Green Thumb

Alyssa’s first attempt to prove she’s got a green thumb

Alyssa had the opportunity to plant a little bean at Kindergarten a few months ago.  It was a very exciting task! One that every kid should do during childhood.

She knows how much I love my hibiscus plant and has really learned to LOVE gardening after watching and helping her Grandpa grow wonderful things in his garden.

She knew this bean plant was her big chance to get in on growing stuff!

When I was a kid we had what seemed like and unjustly large garden.  Most the time it was a big weed patch and we were required to weed on a regular basis.  This was the WORST thing that could have happened to me as a child. I hated weeding the garden. With a passion.

Now, as a grown-up, I’m starting to realize gardening is possible in smaller areas.  This is probably the last year we’ll get away without having a real garden at our house.  I think the children will demand it next year.

Anyway…back to the bean.  After watching it grow in the house for six or so weeks Alyssa insisted we plant it outside.  Knowing it was just one plant made it a pretty easy pill to swallow.

She planted it in the flower bed since we don’t really have any garden space. Yet.

We actually had three little gardeners helping on this job.  The boy is my pseudo son who lives a few doors down.  Isn’t he the cutest thing ever!?

She dug a little whole and un-cupped her boisterous bean plant and made it a nice little home in the ground. 

It was a very exciting event for the whole family!  I know it’s a pathetic attempt at gardening, especially since the bean promptly died after being transplanted, but we’re still counting this as # 268 on the list. 

The reason it died so promptly may have been related to the fact that she accidentally stomped on the plant just a few minutes after the transplant while watching some busy bees pollinating some nearby flowers.  Oopsie!

Even though our “garden” didn’t yield any produce for us, it got us excited about gardening.  I think next year I’ll invest in some of these Lifetime product garden boxes and we’ll give gardening a real go.

What are your favorite things to grow or eat out of your summer gardens?


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One Response to Alyssa’s Green Thumb

  1. Michelle Tolman says:

    At least her bean grew. James’ didn’t even sprout. He was a little disappointed but I reminded him we have tomatoes and peas growing outside that he can watch grow & eat. All’s good!