Special Delivery #8


I bring you the story of my friend and former co-worker, Michelle Taft.  She was the first to volunteer to take on of my Sub for Santa families. 

At first she was unsure that she would be able to accomplish this task.  I encouraged her to mention to a few friends and neighbors that she was helping a family in need and told her she’d surely find all she needed and more.

You can see from this pile of gifts that she had no trouble finding the things she needed for her family.

She was also the first to let me know she was being overwhelmed with donations and what should she do if there were too much.  With that request, I sent out a Facebook message to my Herriman sponsor families to let them know she had surplus items.  That Facebook message took on a life of its own and acted as a trading post among the sponsor families.  They swapped, traded and located all the items they needed for their families. I loved watching that message board light up every night for weeks.

Here’s Michelle in her own words reporting to me about her experience.

“I wrapped all the new things and let me tell you, that was a service! Three hours of wrapping! It was like Christmas Eve in our house.

The gently used toys I put all together by recipient in big bike gift bags. The used clothing I put insantafamily Christmas colored Rubbermaid totes.

Thanks again Kristin for the opportunity. What a sweet, sweet family and great experience.

My husband related it all to our kids on the way home as the 3 wise men who “traveled far” with the best gifts they had. “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these . . .”

The hardest part for us was watching all the little faces peeking out from the apartments around them.”

Michelle later remarked to me that her and her friend who helped with the collection and delivery walked away from the little apartment still wanting and wishing they could have done more.  They wished they’d had a bag for every family in every apartment in the complex.

Most of us lead abundantly blessed lives materialistically speaking. That’s the hard part about these kinds of experiences, it’s hard to know when and where to stop.  Michelle and the families that helped her had a great experience that changed the way the viewed the holiday season and made a significant impact in the things this struggling family needed.

As Christmas creeps closer and closer, I am even more grateful to the Christmas Angels who made Operation Undies and this project possible.  Merry Christmas!

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