Special Delivery #9

I got the funnest Sub for Santa related e-mail today I thought I’d share it and the photos that came.  This is from a woman who I actually don’t personally know who helped bring Christmas to three families.

195 196 “I just wanted to send you some pictures of the cute families that we delivered Christmas to this past week.

I have a nail salon and all my clients know that I select a family every year to help out. Most of my clients pitch in items so we are able to do great things.

We actually ended up helping out 3 families this year because we had so much help.

The third family we piled the stuff on their front door and then rang the doorbell and ran. We wanted to do this one anonymously so we were not able to take pictures.

Thank you so much for putting us in contact with these families that needed help. It was such a great experience. I would love to be put on an email list if you have one for next year.”

In case I haven’t mentioned it already, these delivery stories and the service given to these special families have made my entire Christmas season better.

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