Special Delivery #3

Here’s my neighbors the Hamilton’s experience with buying, collecting and gathering items for a sweet migrant family.  My neighbor Kim sent me these photos and her experience delivering her hard work.

We had such a wonderful experience this year helping out another family! The experience last year had us hooked and truthfully I can say that we came away from this completely filled with the Christmas spirit and full of love for our fellow men.

The sweet Moreno family was very surprised to see a whole group of people come knocking at their door. I think they were just expecting one or two people from the school.

They were so gracious to let us come into their humble and spotless home as complete strangers. When our helper from the school translated that we had some things for them for Christmas and the cold weather season, the sweet mother began to weep.

All four adults and all five kids unloaded the backs of both of our vehicles and I have never seen my children so excited to help! They sincerely loved giving to this family! When everything was unloaded, we explained about what things were and that the wrapped gifts were to open on Christmas, and everything else in the bags and boxes could be used now. The mom’s eyes were teary as she immediately said, “we will wait and save them all for Christmas!”

I sincerely hope they have at least utilized the warm snow clothing and boots that we were able to provide. There was such a wonderful spirit in their home and all of us could feel it the moment we stepped inside. They were so humble and grateful and stunned; well, I guess I would be too if someone filled up half of my living room with gifts and things for my family! Having been in a position similar to theirs ourselves, we know the awe and overwhelming feeling of gratitude when a perfect stranger provides such a wonderful service for your family that you have been unable to provide yourself.

As we were lining up to get a picture, the two oldest kids were whispering to each other in Spanish. My daughter, who speaks quite a bit herself, said she overheard one of them say, “they’re all so tall!” Well, yes, we are all very tall, especially standing next to them. I thought that was cute! It was a wonderful experience and we all went away teary (well, at least all of the adults) and feeling like Christmas was complete now and that no gift under the tree could give us the same satisfaction, excitement, or fulfillment that this moment in time did. We were truly blessed to be of service to these wonderful families.

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