Special Delivery #6 How to Help a Homeless Family

Sub for Santa Salt LakeI feel a special amount of gratitude for this delivery.  When I first got the list of who needed help, this little family was homeless and staying in a shelter after this single mother to four children got laid off her job at the end of the agriculture season. They no longer had the income they needed to pay for their rent.

It was hard for me to know how to help a homeless family.  It was hard to know what to gather and ask for, for them.  I felt especially guided by the spirit as I found them the right sponsor.  After matching them with a few other sponsor families, I kept coming back to my friend and neighbor Amber Smith.  Amber has a new baby and I didn’t want to burden her with the neediest family on my list.  But…after nothing else felt right I went ahead and tasked Amber with this family and trusted that she would be guided to find the right things for this family.

As you will gather from her post, she took care of this family in a way no one else could have. She’ll tell you the rest of the story here on her own blog.  Warning: You may want to have a tissue handy.

I just can’t express enough thanks to the many, many people who have helped make this project such a success this year.

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One Response to Special Delivery #6 How to Help a Homeless Family

  1. Darla Wardle says:

    Bless your heart! You and your friends did the impossible, cause I know Kristin agonized over this needy family. You were truly guided by the Spirit. Love you-Kristin’s mom