Good Things Utah Nomination Mystery

Some nice person out there has done me a HUGE niceness and nominated me for a “Doing the Right Thing” award from Good Things Utah on Channel 4. The nomination is for the Operation Undies project I’ve been working on.

I have no idea who nominated me using my maiden name, but I really appreciate it.  I hope it will open up a few doors for Operation Undies that I’ve been too timid to knock on.

I apologize for the ghetto-ness of this video, but that particular segment appeared to be the ONLY part of the show that is not on line.  I couldn’t think of any other way to post it.

If you know who is responsible for nominating Operation Undies, please fess up.  I’d like to thank them.

I’d also like to thank Carly Kerby from Living the Scream for telling me that this wonderful, nice thing had happened.  I was not notified any other way.  If not for her, maybe I would never have known people were saying nice things about me on TV.  I’m always up for a compliment.

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2 Responses to Good Things Utah Nomination Mystery

  1. Annie says:

    oh kristin! that is fantastic. congrats. you deserve it, although i know you will say you don’t. you are truly amazing, and an inspiration!!! yeah for operation undies!

  2. Sinika says:

    Awesome!! I hope this leads you to even more success with your cause! You deserve this nomination! :)