Operation Undies…How We Did

Operation Undies held it’s annual clothing drive last Saturday.  It was a smash success bringing in hundreds of new and used outfits along with socks and undies to outfit several kids.

It was a big project to organize and I’m happy with the results.  But mainly I owe a LOT of thank you’s to many people around me who made this event a success.

First thanks to my family, my little girls who not only helped me set things up, but put up with me filling their play room with clothing donations and didn’t whine too much while I sat at the computer typing stuff, talking on the phone and just generally ignoring them, too much.  Also to my husband who prolly doesn’t understand my compulsions toward charitable service, but supports me anyway mostly by carrying stuff where ever I tell him to. 

Also the many Utah Bloggers who did their best to publicize this event.  Most of the people who showed up on Saturday were NOT people I knew before the event.

Thanks to Dani Lassiter. You may know her as the Oh Sweet Sadie Art and Gift Show owner and or the Goldilocks Bike Ride organizer.  I know her as a good friend who was willing to come help me set up the event in a way that was logical and easy to navigate.  In addition to all her helpfulness, she was also generally fun to be around and entertaining while she put on some of the more unique donations we received.

Thanks to Candle Warmers who donated prizes to four lucky donors who attended our Saturday drive. Thanks to Daybreak for donating the retail space on Soda Row where we hosted the drive.

Big, big thanks to my parents and personal friends Lindsay Y, BA, Michelle P and Christy R who were willing to come out and help me sort, fold and bag up the donations and ready them for delivery. Just like me, they were exhausted by the end of the day. I couldn’t have done it without them.

So here’s to another year of warm clothing for kids.  Thanks EVERYONE!

I’ll be continuing to serve this group through the Christmas season.  If you’d like a family to sponsor for Sub-4-Santa or would like to start a collection of some kind of basic necessity like, socks and undies, boots, shoes, coats, etc.  Let me know I’ll get you set up.

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2 Responses to Operation Undies…How We Did

  1. Hayley says:

    Glad it was such a success! Way to go!

  2. gina says:

    I am so glad it went well! Are you planning more things in the future? Let me know, I would love to share and help out if I can.