Special Delivery #7 Selfless Kids Make a Difference

I LOVED hearing from this Sponsor, Chelsea Bagozzi.  I don’t know Chelsea and have never met her.  She found my blog and this project through a Google search.  I’m so glad she found me and joined the effort. She’s mad e abig difference to this little family. Here’s her experience in her own words as she reported her delivery highlights to me.    

Sub for Santa Salt LakeI just wanted to say thank you for offering this opportunity for my family and friends to help another family out for Christmas.

Right before Thanksgiving, my husband and I were watching TV and my 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son came into the room and said this. “We have been talking and we decided that this Christmas, we want one present from Santa, and one present from you guys, and then we want to give the rest of our Christmas to a family in need.”

Needless to say, we were quite proud of our children, and I immediately started the search for a family in need. I Googled Sub for Santa in Salt Lake, and ended up coming across your blog.  After hearing from you, we immediately started shopping.

We wanted this to be a family effort, and wanted our children to feel the effects of not only thinking of others and being able to give, but also feel the sacrifice of giving up their Christmas presents, so that someone else could have more. My kids helped me pick out shirts and pants, toys, and shoes, towels and blankets for each of the members of the family we bought for.

The family was quite large, so we solicited some help from friends and neighbors who gave generously to the cause. We ended up with so many wonderful things for this family that the back of my car was crammed full, and the kids even had to hold stuff on their laps on the way to Ogden.

Delivering was a great experience, and even though we didn’t speak Spanish, and they didn’t speak English, we knew how grateful they were, and they offered us drinks and smiles.

I was very grateful for this experience, not only to help this family, but also so that my children could feel the effects of giving. We are not Christian; we are secular humanists and love to do things to help other human beings. This definitely tops the list of great memories for our family. Thank you again for providing this experience for us!

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2 Responses to Special Delivery #7 Selfless Kids Make a Difference

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words! We really loved this experience. After looking at your blog, I realized that we both work out at the Rec Center, and we have probably taken a few of Ray’s classes together! Small world.