Taking a Recess From the Misery

There are just too many crazy people in the world today committing horrific acts. I think I might have the answer to stop the misery AND It’s more simple than everyone thinks.

Doesn’t it seem like the whole world has gone berserk over the last few months? I’ve enjoyed watching the TODAY show for years, but recently I’ve been terrified to turn it on in the mornings.

I hear government officials talking about gun control and all kinds of legislation to keep terrible things from happening. If I were an elected official here’s the mandate I’d be blathering about.


That’s right. Mandatory. Grown-up. Recess.

I’ve volunteered in my daughter’s classroom enough times to know that they excuse the kids to go to recess right before they hit the wall of insanity. They go outside and run around for 15 minutes, play shout, settle their disputes and head back inside for several more productive-ish hours.

Today, I went to Zumba class. It was me and probably 80 other women jumping, shaking, singing, dancing and generally having a great time. It was my recess and I felt great afterward and so did every other lady in that class.

Grown-ups need time to decompress on a regular basis. Twice a day would be best. I bet we’d get fewer crazy, tragic, random events happening too if we were all forced out of our homes or office spaces or wherever we were to run around with for at least 15 minutes. We’d all take a break and have time to think about what we were doing.

So write your Senator or Congressmen. Tell them we need less legislation about controlling things and more mandates for fun and relaxation.

Really. I know we’re all really busy and we all think we don’t have time for fun things at least not on a daily basis, but if we each took 15 minutes a day to walk away from our daily tasks to do whatever we wanted I think the whole world would be a better place.

I know I am a naive, optimistic person, but am I wrong about this?

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One Response to Taking a Recess From the Misery

  1. Darla says:

    That’s what they do at the prison where I worked, mandatory yard time. Time to decompress, work out frustrations, get some fresh air and sunshine, if available. Most inmates behave while in prison-it’s when they get back out that trouble starts again. Maybe we all need mandatory yard time. I’m with you Kristin!