Don’t Be Cruel—To Yourself

I’ve mentioned before that I am a follower of Dr. Laura.  As such I subscribe to her daily blog.  I thought I’d pass along one of her posts because I thought it was so relevant to me and most every woman I know.  It’s about body image and how to stop obsessing over it.

There are SO many more important things in this world to fixate our thoughts and actions on.  Worrying about wrinkles, lines and rolls isn’t one of them.

Here’s my favorite two paragraphs from the article, but If you have a sec, I highly recommend clicking through this link to read the entire post.

“In my opinion, women are to blame for this obsession with their bodies. I read a Glamour magazine survey (which obviously only sampled women who are obsessed with glamor) revealing that 97 percent of women are cruel to their bodies on a daily basis. After surveying 300 women of all sizes, the researchers found that, “On average, women have 13 negative body thoughts daily – nearly one for every waking hour. And a disturbing number of women confess to having 35, 50 or even 100 hateful thoughts about their own shapes each day.”

That is sick stuff. I feel sorry for these women who are more concerned about superficial things than their brain or character. They are not worried about choosing the right men, doing charity work, getting educated, or being aware of what is going on in their community and world.” –Dr. Laura

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One Response to Don’t Be Cruel—To Yourself

  1. gina says:

    I was pretty hard on myself last week and I should not have been! Oh well, all I have to say is that friends are amazing!