Ann Romney–Classy Lady

I try to never talk about national politics mainly because I find it very frustrating to watch people who should be leading our country doing little more than dragging each other through the mud. It’s an embarrassment to our country and doesn’t say much about our ability to lead.

I do however consider my self a politically involved person.  I spend most of my time worrying about issues on a State and local level.  My husband and I have had great success in being part of the political process and bettering our own community.

My idea of a great candidate would be someone I could elect based on their own merits.  I DON’T want to elect someone based on how poorly their opponent believes they would do in office.

That’s neither here nor there, except for the fact that I am making an exception to talk about a national political subject because this post is about Ann Romney.  I’m writing about her because I think she’s classy.  She should be, and she is and I think it’s worth mentioning.

I actually wish it was her running for office and not her husband.  I think she’s done a better job of running a clean, non-negative campaign.

I’ve always admired Mrs. Romney but after seeing her on Jay Leno the other night, I’d now say I was a fan.  I think she did a great job of representing herself, her husband, the campaign and our country.

I like that she’s raised five kids and has been married for many decades.  I like that she knows about hardship and struggle after battling MS. I like that she supports her husband even though campaigning (again) isn’t the first thing on her list of fun things.  I like that she spoke so highly of Michelle Obama.  And I like that she is a big fan of Costco.  I am too.

This may or may not be a political endorsement, but I think Ann Romney and her family have a lot to offer.  I feel badly that seemingly good people like the Romney’s have to work so hard and spend so much money to convince the masses to let them give public service.

I wish there were more classy women in government roles in our country. We should be so lucky.

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One Response to Ann Romney–Classy Lady

  1. Hayley says:

    Amen to that!