Let Me Just Start By Saying This Is Not a Political Statement

Michelle Obama.  Everyone loves her, including me.  I know she’s done a lot of good things and is a really influential person, but the main thing I admire about her is her arms.  Yes her arms.  Look at them.  It’s like a First Lady gun show!

Let me tell you, arms like this don’t just happen.  You work for a set like these. Plus, her shoulders.  Equally as amazing.

It’s widely reported that she’s an avid exerciser.  I’d say there is some evidence to back that up.

I know not everyone is keen on the Obama’s, but I, as the ever-optimist, choose to look at the good things she and her husband bring to the White House.  I realize that I lost most of my audience just then since most people around me are not aware that there is an upside to the Obama Administration. But if you’re more openminded than most people around me read on.

If you’ve not seen Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move initiative, it’s probably worth at least a passing glance.  If all you do is look at the fun pictures of the first lady hopping around in a gunny sack and working with America’s youngsters in the great outdoors, it would probably be worth your time.

I enjoyed looking at the “kid friendly” recipes section of  the website.  I’m not sure if I am the only one, but I get bored to death making lunch day-in-day-out.  It’s always nice to have a look and see if there are some easy recipes for lunch I can add into the rotation.

I admire her ambition and drive to motivate America’s parents and children to think about how much we move in relation to how much we are eating and feeding our children.  I also admire her smoking hot arms.

Here’s a video on how YOU can have Michelle Obama’s arms. I should clarify.  You can’t actually have her arms, because they’re attached to her. I don’t want the Secret Service on my doorstep because I know they take threats of bodily harm to the First Family very seriously.  Rather, you could workout as this video suggests and then you’d have arms SIMILAR to hers.

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2 Responses to Let Me Just Start By Saying This Is Not a Political Statement

  1. HSBahr says:

    Although you are probably talking to me when it comes to your unopen-minded people around you…I totally agree with you…I love Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign…it is something I definitely agree with! Just thought you should know :)

  2. Misty says:

    I’m pretty sure that hot arms were in about ten years ago when Monica had them on Friends. You might think that it’s never too late to look hot, but Michelle just looks behind the times if you ask me.