Dr. Laura–Inspiring Me To Be Nice To My Husband

For my premier Friday, “People Who Inspire Me” post I could really only select one person… Dr. Laura.  She’s at the tippy-top of my Inspirational People list.

When I got my first office job at 19 and was bored out of my mind all day, I found talk radio.  I was turned off by political commentators because most of them are full of their own blather.   When I came across Dr. Laura’s radio program I was instantly hooked.

I listened to her program every day in the afternoons.  She takes calls from people with moral dilemmas and problems and offers advice and solutions. She is quick and to the point and never beats around the bush.

I know avoided SO MANY PROBLEMS as a young single woman by listening to her calls. I listened and took the advice she gave.  I truly credit her for helping me keep my life simple and mostly problem-free.

What she taught me about marriage, raising children and generally being a productive citizen has truly shaped my life.  I’m not sure I’d be the straightforward, positive person I am today without her influence.

The best advice she’s ever given me is in her book called The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, which came out just as I was getting engaged.  I read it during my engagement.  I credit it largely as the reason for the deeply loving relationship I share with my husband.

I have put her wisdom to the test and am happy to report that I have found what she says to be true!  I’d advise any woman anywhere to read this book, identify potentially damaging behaviors of which you are guilty, change those behaviors and replace them with kinder ones and enjoy a happier more fulfilling marriage.

Per her advice in the book, I try to treat my husband with basic kindness and good manners.  In turn, he would bring me the world on a silver platter if that’s what I requested.  I have found it to be just that simple.

In addition she is a living example of living a healthy and fun lifestyle.  She is an active Sailor, Black Belt in Karate, has a son in the Military, and regularly rides her Harley Davidson.  How can you NOT admire a woman in her 60’s doing all that?

I have listened to Dr. Laura continuously right up until the time her syndicated program moved to Sirius Satellite Radio.  Since then I have desperately missed listening to her program in my car while driving around in the afternoon.  She kept me company for so many afternoons while I was a new mom.  I always had my kitchen radio tuned-in while I fed my babies or made lunches and dinners.

I am a member of the Dr. Laura.com family and listen to old broadcasts occasionally, but it’s not nearly as convenient.  I miss her daily inspirations, but have enjoyed watching little snippets of wisdom on the Dr. Laura YouTube channel whenever I get the chance.

If you’re seeking some sort of marital advice or are trying to simplify your life, I wouldn’t hesitate to refer you to any of her books. I re-read her book The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands on a regular basis.  It’s like my marriage bible.

Someday I’d like to have her over for dinner so I can tell her how much I like her.

Dr. Laura, if you’re reading this, consider it an invitation.

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3 Responses to Dr. Laura–Inspiring Me To Be Nice To My Husband

  1. sinika says:

    I love that book! It also helped me a lot- although it’s been years since I’ve read it. I’ll have to re-borrow it from my mom.

  2. Marla says:

    I got to have dinner with Dr Laura a few years ago. KNRS had a contest and I won. I thought it would be hundreds of us in some convention center. It turned out to be about 30 people, at the Hotel Monaco. She made the rounds from table to table, visited one on one and also had a question and answer session with the group. The next day her show originated from Fort Douglas and we all got to be in attendance at that for 1-3 hours. It was a delightful couple of days.

  3. tiff says:

    What are some specific things you’ve loved that she’s said?

    Maybe I’m a high maintenance reader, but I’d love to hear any personal stories about how she’s affected you.