How to Blow Giant Bubbles

As summer is winding down I’ve was just running through the photos stored on my computer look at all the fun things we’ve done.

Some were big fun and some were little fun.  Either way, we looked forward to them and fun was had. That’s the important part.

As I was perusing, I found these pictures.  Our neighbor invited the moms in our hood over to a nearby park to blow giant bubbles. 

She found the recipe for bubble solution strong enough to create monstrosity bubbles.  She also provided the simple items needed to make it all happen.

We all congregated in the park and let the kids experiment.

You can probably tell, but fun and amazement was had by all!

This is a simple fun hour of fun.  If you wanted to try it on your own, here’s the recipe.

Here’s what you need to make it happen.

A bucket, some wooden dowels, string, dish soap, wide and shallow basin, glycerin, water, big hoops and a little breeze.

Here’s the Recipe:

1/2 cup dish washing detergent

4.5 cups cup water

4 tablespoons glycerin 

Measure the water, soap, and glycerin. Mix gently and let set unless you have unruly children who can’t wait. Please note that the longer you let the mixture set, the larger the bubbles get and the longer they fly in the sky.

Have Fun!

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One Response to How to Blow Giant Bubbles

  1. gina says:

    We have done something very similar! The biggest secret for us was to make the bubble solution a few days early, it worked much better. Looks like fun!