Go Adventure Mom

Hiking in the Albion BasinIf you can’t tell, one of my passions is doing everything that sounds fun, or doing anything that is out of the ordinary especially if I can do it with my whole family.

We’ve done our share of outings both far and near.  I’ve done my best to chronicle it here and there.

I’ve now found a new outlet to share our fun adventures on.  I’m writing for a site called Adventure Mom.

The main focus for the site it so be a resource for families to use to connect with easy to replicate recreational ideas for kids of all ages.

We also demonstrate products that make being outdoors funner and easier.

I love posting for Adventure Mom.  I LOVE trying new thing and writing about it

Here’s my latest post.  Anyway…if you like this kind of stuff, consider visiting the Adventure Mom facebook page and giving it a LIKE.

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