The Thanksgiving Legend–Rainbow Jell-O

No one is more committed to holiday tradition than me, especially if that tradition involves wasting enormous amounts of time and effort meticulously crafting Jello.

Many years ago I began what would turn into my Thanksgiving passion. Through the years I have tried new ideas (some better than others) that have contributed to my extreme success in building Jell-O worth talking about.

Today I am in the middle of a Jell-O masterpiece.  I’m crafting in a way I never have before.

How you ask?  Well…I’m not at liberty to say.  Actually this is my blog and I COULD say if I wanted to, but I don’t.  It’s a surprise. I will say this.  It involves a syringe.

The day after Thanksgiving I will post my big reveal.  The Jello reveal.  The “how I topped last year” reveal.

I think Jell-O might owe me some money for this post. Contact me here Jell-O.  I’ll be your best brand ambassador!

Since I know you’re hanging on my every word, I won’t leave you with out showing you my Jell-O gallery from yester-year.

The Tiny Jello

The 2010 Rosette.

The 2011 Trifle

Her full glory!

Even prettier after it’s served!

It’s so good people fight over it.

The star!

It’s the prettiest thing on the Thanksgiving table.

Check back on Friday (or Saturday if my food coma lasts longer than I expect) to see what The Vocal Sokol 2012 Jello brought to the table this year.

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