Be a Person, Not a Symbol of a Person

As I was preparing this blog site I included an “About Me” section which included a photo.  When I saw the picture of myself on the site I was really disappointed.  It didn’t look good, or right.  So naturally, I enhanced the photo.  I didn’t do anything too drastic. I basically just gave myself all the dermatological skin treatments I want and can’t afford via Photoshop.  It was easy, free and fast.  I felt much better about the photo on the blog.  It looked right.

I explained what I had done to my husband as he walked by and saw me working.  He off handedly commented about his studies in art history (his minor in college) and how the after the artistic movements through the ages perfected realism.  Example here…

(Sorry about the general grossness of this piece including (but not limited to) the Janet Jackson style wardrobe malfunction the lady is having in this masterpiece.)

And then immediately moved on to stylize people and things to flatter in their artistic depictions.

According to my husband, the most highly stylized civilization (artistically and otherwise)  has to be the ancient Egyptians.  I mean look at these folks.

You can tell they are people, but is this what these people really looked like? I bet you a cinnamon bear that the answer to the is No.  It’s a symbol of what they looked like.  This is what they thought they looked like.

Here’s what I actually look like (with full hair and make-up and ultra slimming undergarments and under the direction of a highly experienced professional photographer (the best in the business)).

Here’s me as a symbol or what I “think” I look like.


Anyway…my husband’s comment made me realize that we as a society must find a way to be happy with what we really are and try less to become symbols of ourselves. I’m not saying we shouldn’t make ourselves look attractive with make-up and fancy hair-do’s and probably a little self tanner every once in a while, but really, know when to walk away and call it good.

Anyway…I left the “symbol” of me rather than my actual photo in the in the “About Me” section, so I guess all that is easier said then done.  I’d have fit in the Egypt in the olden days.  I do love to wear black liquid eyeliner. Being satisfied with yourself is easier said than done.

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