Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us

Okay…time for another classic musical rewind.  If you haven’t tuned in for one of my Sappy Saturday posts yet, you picked a great day to tune in. I’ve already featured several other SMASH hit’s, but this one…This one really rocks, especially if you liked the movie Mannequin. 

Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now is a classic in my mind for several reasons.  A. I actually had this song on my wedding album.  As in we danced to it at my wedding.   2. It was the theme for one of the best 80’s movie of all time (also the very first movie I can remember seeing in a movie theater).  And D. My brother Jason who shares my affinity for what the world views as “terrible taste in music” LOVES singing this song incorrectly. 

He’s notorious for singing songs as he hears. This song’s chorus line goes like this… “And if this world runs out of Lovers we’ll still have each other.  Nothing’s gonna stop us now.” Jason sings it this way…”And if this world runs out of LEATHER, we’ll still put shoes together.  Nothing’s gonna stop us now.”  It really sounds better this way.  I think.

I also loved watching this video because it made me realize the the movie Lars and the Real Girl, was just a knock off of Mannequin.

Anyway…enjoy this 80’s classic.  Enjoy the fashions in the video.  Please understand what we will all be forced to look like in a few years if the 80’s fashion trend stays with us.  Get ready to wear poofed up hair ladies.  And gentlemen.

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One Response to Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us

  1. meagan says:

    I can’t believe you mentioned Lars and the Real Girl! I thought I was the only one in the world who had seen that movie.