Little Moments Are The Molecules Of Life

I’ve been planning what I hope will be an inspirational meeting for my church’s women’s group.  While I was brainstorming I came across this video which I thought wrapped up the entire essence and purpose of this blog.

I had to share it will all of you and I hope you will re-post this for your friends who don’t read this blog (yet) to see.
It’s so easy to stay busy and miss the mark.  It’s so easy to be miserable when you KNOW that somehow you are missing the mark.  It’s not so easy to identify what you are doing wrong and fix it.

This video, to me, says that we usually take ourselves and our first-world problems WAY too seriously.  We need to loosen up, relax a little and at the risk of sounding a little redundant, have a little more fun.  We really need to enjoy and participate in the moments we usually pass by.

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