The high’s and LOWS of Suburban Life

Nothing make me happier than seeing things that are ridiculously cool.  This suburban qualifies as both ridiculous and COOL.

My kids thought it was a limo.  They could tell something was…different about this vehicle, but they couldn’t exactly point their finger at what it was.

I mean really, it’s an engineering marvel.  Look at how low to the ground it is, yet it doesn’t appear to be actually touching the ground.  Amazing.

Plus…the rims.  Nice, right? I’m sure they’re worth double the value of the rest of the vehicle.

I don’t know whose car this is, but do you know what this car says to me… “Living the dream!”

Sometimes its seeing ridiculous things make you remember how fun life SHOULD be.  It’s okay to draw outside the lines, and it’s okay to skim the ground when you drive. Unless you hit some kind of speed bump.  Then life is just really unfair.

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