Inspirational Immigrants

I am the product of immigration.  Sometimes I think back about my family more than six or seven generations ago and think about what their lives were like in Denmark and England in the early 1800’s.

I remember being  a 19-year-old and a student at Snow College.  It hit me one day that my life was great because of my ancestors struggle to immigrate to America.  I remember feeling so lucky that day that I was getting an education and pursuing my dreams.

Even though I was never the greatest student I can remember remarking at how easy it was for me to receive an education and get trained to do anything I wanted.  I remember so clearly feeling moved to tears over the sacrifice of my ancestors in leaving their homes and immigrating to America.

Ever since then (1998) I have been pro-immigration. I know there is a lot of hoopla and what I consider racism surrounding the topic of immigration now, but I still feel like America is the home of the Brave.  It’s where brave people WANT to congregate.  There is a reason that America is the greatest nation on earth.  It’s because we have assembled a country full of brave people which we can credit a lot to immigration.  It’s the pursuit of a better life.

It’s a shame that our standards, laws and procedures for immigration are so convoluted and difficult.  It’s too bad that we keep out the bravest, most honest people who would like to come to our country legally instead allowing only the desperate to cross the borders under cover.

I think it’s wrong.  I think it’s the wrong thing to do.  I’m not offering any solutions here today.  I only wanted to tell you that I think immigrants are fantastic.  I think they’re INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE.

I am not naive to some of the serious problems caused because of our illegal immigration problems. I know there is a population of illegal people here who are bad criminal people. But they are NOT the majority.

What people fail to realize is how much each of us individually benefits from having them here. The majority of illegal people are amongst the hardest working people in our society.  My husband shared the most enlightening article with me.  I think everyone needs to read it before they form their lasting loud-mouthed impression of our immigrants.

I know that this post will probably cause a firestorm if some of my facebook friends find this post, they’ll probably give me their tired argument about how they’re breaking the law, are criminals, and leave some other remarks that I will consider racist.  But I think that will be worth it if I can get a few dozen people to read this article and consider its viewpoint.

I’ll also share this.  I have LOVED working with a group of immigrants for the last three years.  I have admired their work ethic and bravery.  I have and will continue to do anything I can to support them with the things they need to make it through their first few years in America.  I am especially interested in supporting their children who have no voice or choice about where they live or what their legal status is.

I know that my ancestors had people who helped and supported them. I think in just a generation or two the children of our new immigrants will look back at their parents and grandparents and marvel at their self-sacrifice as they live their suburban lives, pay taxes and educate the rising generation which will be the workforce that supports our economy during my retirement.

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7 Responses to Inspirational Immigrants

  1. Pily says:

    Thanks for sharing your mind.
    You know I am an immigrant and love the USA and the freedom we enjoy here, where you can live, work and love in peace

  2. Adeli says:

    Remembering the immigration of your ancestors is so important to who we are today.
    “Our attitude toward immigration reflects our faith in the American ideal. We have always believed it possible for men and women who start at the bottom to rise as far as their talent and energy allow. Neither race nor creed nor place of birth affect their chances.”

    -Robert F. Kennedy, 1964

  3. Tammy Wursten says:

    You are very kind, unselfish and compassionate! I love it!

  4. Jenny says:

    It frustrates me that it’s so hard for immigrants to become citizens here in the U.S. Our country is a product of immigration and would never have become what it is today if it weren’t for immigration. I love this post! I am so glad I found your blog and I can’t wait to meet you at the Breathing Space retreat!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  5. Lindsey says:

    I love your stance here. Thanks for posting this. Looking forward to meeting you at Breathing Space.

  6. I really appreciate your post, I was brought into the country at the short age of 9 years old, I had no say or choice. My parents believed in providing us a better future, full of oportunites and peace. Back in the early 90s we lived in a country full of corruption and terrorism. I remember My house shaking because bombs had gone off a block away and it was a suburban neighboardhood. My parents left their businesess, our families and friends, all our belongings for a better life. and I am so greatful they made the choice to immigrate into this country, a place were i can raise my own kids, with endless oportunities.