Checking Off Rockin’ Resolutions–With Dick Clark and SNAP!

He had me at $25,000 Pyramid. I've always been faithful to Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve. Mr. Clark will be missed. The good news is Ryan Seacrest is adoreable!

I know it’s not January, but I’m still talking about resolutions.  I am one of those “resolution people”.  It’s one of the only ways I get things done.  I LOVE New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (R.I.P Dick Clark) because it motivates me to do stuff, i.e. I don’t want to feel like an idiot on the last night of the year because I haven’t done anything and wasted an entire year.

What I REALLY love is New Year’s Day.  For the past several years Steve and I have sat down together on New Year’s Day and thought of some things we wanted to do during the year.  Because I am motivated by guilt, my goals are usually related to things I am feeling guilty for not doing.  I have actually had good success resolving guilt and shame issues through resolutions.

For the last several years most of our goals were related to physical challenges, races, climbs and other physical bench marks.  We’ve enjoyed all the activities we’ve participated in related to these goals. This year, although I try to be committed to fitness my goals, the resolutions were not centered around fitness.

I’ve been trying to convince myself that I CAN survive in the professional world.  I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the last 7 years and will be for at least another decade.  One of the reasons I’ve taken on this blog is to avoid having to learn a whole new skill set when my kids no longer need me at home.  I hope it will help me maintain some useful professional skills.

One of the things on my resolution list this is was to attend a professional conference.  I hoped to learn some new skills and get some new ideas that might help me be a better and more interesting writer/blogger.

It’s funny how the Universe always provides when you’re making good faith efforts in that direction.  Shortly after I made this a goal I learned that my friend Tauni was hosting a conference this year.  When I expressed interest in it, she asked me to volunteer at the event, meaning I could attend FOR FREE!!!!

Shortly after, my friend Miki contacted me about attending another event for bloggers call Breathing Spaces Retreat.  Yes please!

I attended Tauni’s conference, SNAP, last weekend and it was FATABULOUS!  I can’t believe how much I learned, how many contacts I made and how much fun I had.

One of the best classes I attended was one where Brooke Walker spoke on a panel. She is delightful, intelegent and super nice!

My volunteering job required I take live notes for several classes which are now posted on the SNAP blog.

Since it was a DIY blogging conference there were a lot of creative women and creative projects.  These boots were my favorite thing.


They are re-purposed worn out black boots covered with this patterned Duct Tape!  Aren’t they awesome.  They were made my this lovely lady.

The conference was really just what I needed to gain more confidence and be a little better at this blogging thing.  I’m so glad it was on my resolution list otherwise I know I NEVER would have done it.

Do you have a list of goals for the year?  Take this opportunity to review your list and see how you’re doing.  If you don’t have a specific list, it really isn’t too late to make one.   Think about what you worry about in your mind.  Make a plan that helps alleviate some things you’re worried about or wish you could do.

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