A Giveaway With Sweet Tooth Fairy Megan Faulkner Brown

The Sweet Tooth Fairy.  If you haven’t heard of her or better yet tasted her creations, you really ought to.  I met the Sweet Tooth Fairy when my friend Elise, The Cupcake Activist, brought me some cupcakes from her very first store.

Shortly after my first taste two years ago, I made the 45 minute drive to the store for another cupcake. I was lucky enough then to meet Megan as she came out of the kitchen. It was easy to see she was working hard baking up a storm.  Still, she took time to personally greet and get to know me.  After that, her tasty cupcakes became a target of obsession.

Yummy Cupcakes!

I was thrilled/terrified a few months later when her second store opened up near my home. I wasn’t sure I had will power to keep myself from visiting daily.  Since I am a writer and lover of cupcakes, my friend Elise requested that I review the new store for her cupcake blog. This gave me another chance to get to know Megan and grow an even more dangerous relationship to her treats.

She’s opened 8 more stores since then with more to come!  She’s made dozens television appearances including national appearances on QVC where her cake bites are the top selling food item!

If you’re not impressed yet, direct your attention to the fact that she was not only featured on Cupcake Wars, but WON the contest resulting in an unbelievable amount of national exposure for her and her stores.  Recently she’s been asked back to participate in a Cupcake War of Champions.

Megan is more than just cupcakes.  Before her time as a baker she was a Federal Employee for almost 10 Years working for Utah Congressman Chris Cannon and then Jason Chaffetz.  She’s a model of civic responsibility and highly encourages regular people to become involved in the political process.

Most importantly Megan is a wife to her husband Ethan and mother to four children all under the age of five.  Megan has worked hard over the last several years opening her stores, but still manages to keep her children close.  When she puts in long hours she’s been known to have kids there with her, even sleeping on air mattresses inside the store while she finishes preparing for the stores opening.

Megan is an inspiration to me of taking a dream, developing a talent and sharing it with the world.  More than just baking, she is known for her charity ambitions and is currently working with the Safe to Talk Foundation, It’s a school tip-line aiming to make schools safer by installing an system where anonymous texts can be sent by students to easily report dangerous or destructive behaviors by their peers with our fear of repercussion.

Megan is also one of the most humble successful women I have ever met.  I think she might not realize how famous she is and I certainly don’t think she realizes what a unique talent she has.  I attended a class she taught recently at the Breathing Space Blogger’s Retreat.  Meagan seemed like she felt underqualified as she taught the class and provided tips and tricks in the kitchen.  She acted as if she assumed we all knew what she knew and could do what she does like it was nothing special.  Let me tell you, what she has is a gift and it’s something special.

I am so glad to know Megan and count her as one of my friends.  If you don’t know her I invite you to check out her website or visit one of her stores.  My recommendation is the Strawberry Shortcake or the Dulce de Leche!

The Sweet Tooth Fairy has graciously offered a box of 2 dozen of her FAMOUS Cakebites to one of the readers of this post.  To enter this drawing, leave a comment ON THIS POST about why you want the Cakebites and one lucky winner will be selected from the list of commenters here ON THIS POST.  While you are at it, feel free to “like” The Vocal Sokol on facebook.  It won’t help you win the contest, but it WILL make sure you always recieve a notice of new post and new drawings you can win.

The winner will be randomly selected from the list of commenters and notified next Thursday (May 17).  So be sure to enter before then.  The winner will receive a box shipped directly from Sweet Tooth Fairy headquarters.  Best of luck—Happy Cakebiting!

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51 Responses to A Giveaway With Sweet Tooth Fairy Megan Faulkner Brown

  1. Nicole says:

    I LOVE her cupcakes. I watch Cupcake Wars regularly and was so excited when she was on. I have never tried the cake bites but this would be a wonderful opportunity to do so.

  2. Michelle says:

    Yummy! I’ve heard wonderful things about the Sweet Tooth Fairy but haven’t had the chance to try her tasty treats. It sounds like I’ll have to become a loyal fan!

  3. Emilee says:

    I like the cakebites better than the cupcakes — which is saying something because the cupcakes are phenomenal. I also love the sugar cookies she bakes. My favorite cakebites are the coconut and the red velvet. Yum!!!!! I am planning to drive to the Provo store to get some for my Mom for Mother’s Day!

  4. Brittany says:

    I first tried a “Sweet Tooth Fairy” cupcake after you told me about them and your taste testing experience……what a treat!!! I try not to indulge very often, but believe me….this is where I go for a special occasion like my last mother daughter date.

  5. ba says:

    i want one because i refuse to diet.
    i should be eating them for all those poor souls who do.

  6. Christy says:

    Mmmm…cake bites. I have yet to try one. Although I might have to stop by after reading this post. They sound scrumptious.

  7. Pily says:

    I loooove cake bites, however I think the sugar in my system will make a wonderful day for me and my Miss since I have been out of energy working full time :( . I am amazed by this post and I am glad u took the time to feature such a great example of a working mom. Clap clap clap

  8. Jessica says:

    Yummy!!! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the Sweet Tooth Fairy, but I have not had the opportunity to go in there myself and try all the wonderful treats.

  9. Courtney Graves says:

    I have been hearing so many wonderful things about these cupcakes and have yet to try one. I think I should win the cakebites because as a pregnant lady I need some yummy sweets!

  10. Bonnie Riley says:

    Awesome post! I want cupcakes NOW!

  11. Kristen says:

    I love cake bites. A lot. I would love to win!! I’ve only heard great things about the Sweet Tooth Fairy!

  12. Stephanie says:

    I want these cakebites because you recommend them, Kristin:) Please can I win?

  13. Carrie says:

    Hmmmm…Love Sweet Tooth Fairy! Bentley has requested that he have a cupcake from there on the day of his baptism, and because I am such a nice mom I have agreed :)

  14. Ashley M says:

    I’ve tried lots of the yummy cupcakes there! Love them!! But never tried the cakebites. Looks delicious! Love your blog too Kristin! way to go!!

  15. Miki says:

    Yum! I’m trying to think of a really good reason why I want these cakebites and “because they are so dang delicious” doesn’t seem to cut it. So, how about this? It’s Ethan’s 4 month birthday and last night he gave me the best mother’s day present ever…8 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Now that’s a reason for celebrating with cakebites! :-)

  16. summer says:

    I love Kristin and cupcakes!

  17. Michelle Black says:

    I love her cupcakes too! I have never had her cakebites but would love to try them. I am sure they are as delicious as her cupcakes. Oh and they have great cookies there too!

  18. Samantha Holt says:

    I keep wanting to take my kids there because I’ve seen and heard so much about her. This would be awesome to win.

  19. Alicia T says:

    I too love the Sweet Tooth Fairy! I went in to the draper location when they first opened, and I was fortunate to meet both Megan and her husband and children. They were so friendly and chatted with us for a little bit. Great people! My favorite treat is the strawberry shortcake cupcake and of course the cake bites. I would like to win, so I can share the YUMMINESS of the cake bites with others as well as indulging myself.:-)

  20. Rachel says:

    I LOVE cupcakes, I LOVE Kristin and I’m sure I’d love Megan too. It’s very exciting and inspirational to watching young busy moms build something as successful as Sweet Tooth Fairy. If you have a dream or a vision…..Go For It!!!! You get a big Whooot Whooot from me. ” WHOOOOOT WHOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Abby L says:

    I would love some cakebites! They look so delicious! And by the way, I love your blog, it is so fun to read!

  22. Ashley says:

    Hello! Sign this lady up…definitely love me some cupcakes and I am dying to try her’s!

  23. meagan says:

    Cakebites are my FAVORITE!!!!! Favorite, favorite, favorite!!! Really.

  24. Lindsay Young says:

    A week ago, I lost a dear friend suddenly to unknown causes. She was one of the most giving and compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She was famous for her cupcakes and would often bake them to give to people for their birthdays, to cheer you up after having a bad day… Or just to say thnk you for being a friend. Although cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy won’t take away the pain of losing my friend, it would sure help in the grieving process. Every bite would remind me of her. And in the spirit of my friend, I would give some away… Just because.

  25. Heidi Lewis says:

    I first had these cake bites at the first Studio 5 live broadcast. Needless to say, I fell in love. Included was also a card for a free cupcake – which I have been saving for when I really feel like splurging… because, the truth is, you really can’t have just one! If I win, I can have more than one… and not have to feel the hole in my wallet. :)

  26. Natalie says:

    A store nearby…where? I need some in my stash to get through the 4 o’clock meltdown.

  27. I love Sweet tooth fairy!!! And her cake bites are to die for!

  28. Michelle says:

    I tried those cakebites about a year ago with a friend. Yummy!! It’s been too long since I’ve have any. I really need a few!

  29. Elise says:

    I dream about her cupcakes nightly! My weight is normal, sadly, because I don’t live near one of her stores. The highlights of my trips to Utah are always my visits to her store. Glad I could introduce you to the sweetness of her cupcakes.

  30. I really gotta try the Dulce de Leche Cupcake!!!!

  31. annie says:

    i think the better question is why would i not want cake bites…and hopefully sooner rather than later we will be living close to one of her stores!

  32. Amber says:

    I have heard of how yummy the Sweet Tooth Fairy is, but have not yet tried anything! i would love a shipment of cakebites, it would make my year:)!!! Pick me… Pick me!!!

  33. Tabitha Slaughter says:

    My booty doesnt need them but I would like them. And you look ridiculously amazing in all your pictures!

  34. Mindy says:

    Mmmmm, lemon cakebites, coconut cakebites…consider this chick entered! :)

  35. shar cardona says:

    I would love to receive these!! I lived near one for years but never took the opportunity to go in… i would love to see what i missed now that i’m no where near one :( i watched her on cupcake wars, too…was proud to see utah represented!!!!

  36. Crystal says:

    I follow many different cupcake shops and would love to try these cakebites. They sound amazing. I am way too far in Southern California, but will definitely stop by for these if I am in a 30 mile radius of a store.

  37. I heard about this via The Cupcake Activist…and she KNOWS her sweets! Would love to try these out and am actually headed to Utah in just a few weeks for a marathon 😀

  38. Robyn Storms says:

    I too am in LOVE with the Sweet Tooth Fairy. On my most recent trip I splurged in calories and went for the the cupshake – a cupcake blended into ice cream – What’s not to love?!?

    When I win the cakebites, I am requesting the lemon ones. Thanks in advance!

  39. angie kim says:

    i’ve heard wonderful things about the cupcakes…especially from the cupcake activist. would love to try them. thanks

  40. Karen says:

    I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Sweet Tooth Fairy! Would love to win the cakebites and get a little taste of Utah in Georgia!

  41. Joni Salas says:

    Since I am the Cupcake Activist’s mom, she had me try out their cupcakes when I was in Provo. We were not disappointed!! We were even more excited when a new shop popped up in Midvale near my parents. Now every time we visit from Calif. we just have to stop into “Sweet Tooth Fairy” Love them!

  42. Liz says:

    I have heard so many wonderful things about the Sweet Tooth Fairy and have never gotten the chance to try her goodies. I would love to finally get my first taste :)

  43. Jenny says:

    Yum! I have tried the cupcakes, and the cupshakes… Both Fabulous. Time to try the cake bites!

  44. Jacqueline Mason says:

    I want cake bites to eat them and to share them with Master Swimmers!! Kristen,you are an amazing athlete. I am so honored to have met you and become friends with you.

    • Kristin says:

      Thanks Jacqueline, I’ll be sure to send a check. With compliments like that I don’t want to make our friendship payment late.

  45. Allison Holcomb says:

    I have been an admirer ever since Cupcake Wars. I googled Sweet Tooth Fairy afterwards and immediately got teary eyed. She is a huge inspiration for my business Treat Yourself Cupcakes in Michigan! While I never planned anything to come of my love for baking cupcakes my clientele is growing so rapidly that I turned my passion into a business. I have 3 beautiful daughters and every time I start to think “I can’t do this” or “It’s too hard” I think of Megan and her success and her kids. I owe alot to her and one day plan to visit :) Now I’m teary eyed again! Truly inspiring, truly.

    • Kristin says:

      I’m so glad you found this post. Thank you for your comment. It means a lot to me. I LOVE Megan. She really is a wonderful and very real person. She will try and credit everyone but herself for her success, but the truth is she’s worked very hard and has experienced success because of it.

      I’m not sure if you poked around my site at all, but incase you missed it, you should check out the post I did on Wendy Paul. She’s also an amazing baker and all around inspirational lady. I also have a friend named Elise who moonlights as the Cupcake Activist. If you don’t know her and her site , you probably should. Both of those posts are under the Inspirational People tab on the home page.

      Let me know if you’re in Utah. I’ll meet you at the Sweet Tooth Fairy. I can make reccomendations on what to try first.

  46. Tiff says:

    Cakebites?! I die….

    I could never afford two dozen in one shot on my own, so winning would be lovely!!

  47. Traci says:

    I stopped by Sweet Tooth Fairy a couple of years ago and just loved the store and the cupcakes. Sadly, Utah is too far away to just drive over for more so I would love to receive some cakebites to relive the experience again. Thanks for sharing Megan’s story.