Famous People Doing Unusual Things

I was surfing the web the other day when I found something a little bit awesome and a little bit inspiring on KSL.com.

Turns out that Adrian Dantley, a former Utah Jazz Basketball Player and NBA hall-of-famer is now a school crossing-guard in his hometown.  I hope that if I were ever rich and a little bit famous, that I’d be like him. I’m going to add “Be a Rich and Famous Crossing Guard” to my Pleasant Events list.

Who else would make a fantastic famous Crossing Guard?  Tops on my list would be Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama and probably Sandra Bullock( l just love her).

You’ve got to read the article and see the video of him at work.  It’s cute.  Go Adrian Dantley! Who wouldn’t want to be helped across the street by a giant former professional basketball player.  More good famous people like this in the world.  Please and Thank you.



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