Why Not Go BIG When It Comes to Fun

I have the coolest friend named Miki. She is seriously the best ever. She’s strong and talented and beautiful, and really, really nice.

She’s been a great supporter of this blog and of me generally. I’m so glad to know her. The other day she pointed me to a blog post she wrote a few years ago about a person she met while on a little get-a-way with her husband in Alaska. She was wanted me to read a particular paragraph about a man she met while at Costco. She said my tagline, “A VOICE For Daily Happiness,” reminded her of this fellow and she thought I might be interested in it for this blog. Which I was.

Below is an excerpt and photo taken directly from her blog:

You better bring a pillow case to carry your candy off if you hit Paul's house.

We went into Costco in Anchorage to pay homage for my Dad, the Costco King. When we walked in this man and his wife were sitting at the food court table with their cart full of M&Ms. Jonathan and I both made comments, we thought were under our breath, but when I passed by him, he grabbed my coat and said, “If you were wondering about all these M&Ms…” He went on to tell me that every trick-or-treater that comes to his house, which is the last house on a dead end lane, gets a huge 3lb. Costco-size bag of M&Ms!! You better believe I asked for his address! He said they spend $400 and they’ve been doing it for years. He had great stories about kids’ reactions to receiving the huge bag of candy. Can you imagine? I, of course, asked to take his picture. He handed me his card, on bright yellow cardstock that said:

Paul Bierman

A Regular Guy Serious about having fun.

We need more people like this in the world.

I couldn’t agree more. I may just have to change my tagline now to something more like his.  Kristin Sokol and regular gal, SERIOUS about having good times. Why not go BIG when it comes to fun? Can you imagine your kid’s reaction if someone heaved an arm full of M&M’s into their trick-or-treat bags?  Too good.  I tried to look Mr. Bierman up to ask him a few questions about his awesome fun tradition, but I was unsuccessful in finding him.  Bummer!

Anyway…thanks for sharing Miki!

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One Response to Why Not Go BIG When It Comes to Fun

  1. Monique McCurdy says:

    I love that story. It really brightened my day. I need to find my little niche of goodness and fun. So inspirational. Thanks for sharing.