The Unsung American Hero–Wives of Brave Men

I sobbed half the day yesterday, after digesting the unthinkable tragedy in Arizona with 19 wildland fire fighters consumed by the fire they were fighting.

Yesterday on TODAY, I saw an interview given by one of the wives of  the fallen fire fighters.  It was a touching interview, but not because of the tragedy that will forever change her and her four children’s lives.

It was her reaction to the tragedy and her message that surprised me.  If this had happened to me, I would be hold up in a dark room somewhere sobbing for six weeks straight.  Steve means everything to me and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t survive without him.

She however went on TODAY to tell the world what a hero her husband was and his co-workers too.  She said they were heros at home just as much as they were on the fire lines.

If you only watch one patriotic video this 4th of July, make it this one.  But take it from me, you’ll need a tissue.

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This year I’ll be thinking of these men, their wives, children and their families when I’m singing…“And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.”

Happy Independence Day everyone.  We are a nation who have been blessed by brave men and women for centuries.

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One Response to The Unsung American Hero–Wives of Brave Men

  1. Tiffany says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am sure that was all over FB but I have been off FB this month. Juliann is younger than me, but she is a family friend. She comes from an amazing family. I remember her as a little girl and am so amazed at the woman she has become. So glad I got to see this! Thank you!