It’s a Terrific Tuesday!

I don’t normally post on Tuesday, but I don’t normally have two articles featured in the Deseret News!  It’s a big deal for me. I’ve wanted to do this for more than a year but I was too afraid of rejection.  Fortunately, they didn’t reject me. I submitted two articles and they published two articles.

Maybe they’ll publish anything I don’t know…

I mentioned my first article in the D News yesterday.  I was surprised yesterday evening to find my second article had been on-line all day and I didn’t even notice.  Oopsie!

The second article might seem quite familiar. I re-wrote a blog post from last month and submitted it to them after I got  an overwhelming response from the post.

Anyway…please excuse me for being a little self indulgent and celebrating this accomplishment.  Tomorrow will be back to the regularly scheduled happiness blogging.

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