The Incredible Nature of Motherhood

More than 30 of you entered the contest sponsored by Massage Envy and The Flower Patch leaving me dozens of reasons why a mother you knew deserved a special prize on Mother’s Day.

I learned a big lesson by announcing that I would be selecting my own winner instead of using a random name selector. This was WAY too hard to pick!  I’ll NEVER do this again.  Everyone should win a prize because every mother deserves it.  I really dislike over-using the word AMAZING, but I do have to say, mothers in general are AMAZING!

Although I prefer to focus on the joys of Motherhood, you don’t understand the relentless nature of motherhood until you become one.  It’s amazing to me that so many of us continue to be willing and are capable of being great mothers.

Happy Mothers Day to all the incredible women out there who are making life as great as they can for their families and the rest of the world.  You all deserve the best.

The winner of the Massage Envy gift card is Natalie Clements.  Natalie lives across the street from me and is doing a stand-up job raising her four children, three of which are triplets who three-years-old.  They are darling, but I know having triplets is a challenge every single day. I laugh when I hear the crazy stories of all the shenanigans they get themselves into, but being their mom dealing with all of it on a daily basis is overwhelming.  I admire her for doing what I consider and amazing job.  Her kids always look so cute and their house is always tidy despite the triplets best efforts.  If anyone needs a massage, it’s her.

The Flower Patch gift card goes to Laura Wardle.  Laura is my sister-in-law.  As she explained in her comment, her mother is an exceptional person.  Here’s what Laura had to say about her Mother: My mother Valerie has given birth to 3 kids, and adopted 5 girls! The two oldest of of the adopted babies were from the foster care system in Utah.

Both of the babies were born addicted to drugs. After raising them for a few years, she and my Dad made 3 separate trips to Chinese orphanages to adopt 3 Chinese babies with medical needs! They especially sought out the children who had medical problems just so that they could bring them back to the states to help them.

These babies would never have recieved the extraordinary medical care they received at Primary Children’s Hospital and been raised in a loving home if it hadn’t been for my mom who carried out her dream of adopting children. The girls are all growing and living a wonderful life with my loving parents in Riverton. Those are some blessed children!

I’ve always admired Laura’s parents for the impact they’ve made for good in the world.  I’ve never known a more willing family to reach out and care for children who without them didn’t stand a chance in this life.



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