Elliott Yamin–Not a Jiffy Lube Emloyee

This adorable fellow stole my heart during the glory days of American Idol.

This might be the most random post I have ever featured, and there’s been some serious competition, but I have to say,  I’m a big fan of Elliott Yamin.

I mean, I’ve never been to any of his shows and I don’t own any of his albums, but I get really excited whenever I hear his song on FM100.  I think that qualifies me to be a “big fan”.  There are a lot of songs on FM100 that I don’t care anything about.

Like everyone else, I got really excited for him when he was on American Idol during the glory days.   He was on with Kathryn McFee, who is now a big star on SMASH, and Taylor Hicks, who is somehow not a big star which is weird because he actually won.

Anyway, I rooted for Elliott who I then called “Jiffy Lube” because he looked so much like the oil tech that serviced my car all season long. I was SO dissapointed when he was voted off.  My sadness turned into joy when I heard his song on the radio.  Here’s the video.

I LOVED his story, regular guy, not overtly ambitious, but who had a dream and took the initiative to follow it.  That’s what I’m saying qualifies him to be listed here as an Inspirational Person.  I mean how many times has American Idol come to my city?  Several.  Have I ever auditioned?  No.  I’ve never auditioned for anything.  That might be because I’m not all that talented, but it’s also because I’m not a dreamer.

Here’s his American Idol audition which I found downright touching.  Especially his loyalty and eagerness to please his adoreable mother.

People with talent should take the chance on themselves to follow their dreams like Elliott. I hope this video  illustrated why I’m passionate about Elliott Yamin’s journey.  I’m just proud of him.  I know…I am such a mother.

Speaking of mothers…One of my favorite parts of the clip is his mother.  I LOVED seeing her on the show.  I’ll never forget her weeping inside the car that paraded down the streets of his hometown as he and he mother waved to his adoring fans.  It was a classic American television moment.  I hope you saw and remember that moment.  I tried to find a clip, but apparently that is the only moment in television that is NOT available on YOUtube.

It seems like he’s passed his initial 15 minutes of fame, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his career kept progressing and he becomes and important part of the American music scene.  I read his Wikipedia page an it looks like he’s working pretty dang hard even still.  People who are willing to work will go far.


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5 Responses to Elliott Yamin–Not a Jiffy Lube Emloyee

  1. Amber says:

    Cute post. Check the spelling on your title though :)

  2. Emilee says:

    It was fun watching the audition with Randy, Paula and SIMON. A lot of people hate Simon, but I love him. I agree that people who are willing to work hard will go far.

  3. Cathy says:

    Elliott’s performing in a show called “Finalists Live!” in Branson through June 16 (also on the bill: Lee DeWyze, Blake Lewis, Kim Caldwell and Thia Meghia). He also has a new album “Let’s Get to What’s Real” that’s awesome — one of the singles “Three Words” charted on AC for a while. I love this CD — it’s very soulful and has more of an old-school sound that suits Elliott perfectly. I’ve seen him in concert several times and he puts on a GREAT show — he really gets into it!

  4. emmy says:

    Great article- In case you didn’t know Elliott recently released a new album-“Let’s Get to What’s Real” which is a great album full of good old fashion SOUL. Elliott is making the music he loves which may not be what is popular today but is a really great listen.