Why Am I Writing About Karl Malone?

Good times.  That’s what I think of when I see Karl Malone.  I know it might be kind of a stretch to call Karl Malone and inspirational person, especially if you’re trying to sell that notion to an audience of mostly women, but hear me out…

Remember when Karl Malone was Mr. Utah?  Remember when he was everywhere?  Playing basketball, saying something stupid on TV, being sighted on his motorcycle on I-15.  It was fun.  Like fun fun.

I don’t follow sports that closely, but he has some pretty impressive stats.  I didn’t bother to research them, but Steve tells me that he used to be the WORST free thrower in the league and came back one season after a bunch of practice and effort as one of the BEST.   Also, he was a workhorse.  He never missed games.  He never got injured.  He just…DELIVERED.  He did what he was supposed to do, all the time.  Not like our guys now or in the recent past who apparently were all made of glass.

Was I the only one who was sick and tired of Andre Kirilenko breaking all the time?  With his frequent injuries I wondered if he maybe didn’t get enough milk to drink as a child in Russia.  Is that a possibility?  I don’t know that much about Russia, but…I think it’s a possibility.

And then there was Carlos Boozer. Disappointing.  And really for all the money the Jazz paid that fellow?  I mean come on.  Come to the games and shoot the basketball.

Not Karl…he was so reliable.  He was like our State Mascot.  We were all united in our LOVE for Karl Malone. Remember that?  Remember how awesome 1997 was; when John Stockton sent the Utah Jazz to the NBA finals?  A bunch of us Snow College students piled in the car and made the 2-hour trip to the Salt Lake International Airport to yell and scream and welcome the team home after that incredible victory. (We would have ran away with the title too if it weren’t for that blasted Michael Jordan and his incredible ability to win against all odds.) They brought such pride and prestige to the whole state.

Anyway…I’m not sure I really sold the idea of Karl Malone being inspirational to women, but hey, I tried.  Isn’t that what’s important?  Yes. I really did/do like Karl Malone especially before he sold out on us and played for the Lakers and went through the whole “Kobe Bryant is my team-mate” phase.

So basically, what I am saying is I like Karl Malone and I’ve been bored with the Jazz ever since he left.

So the take home here ladies…I don’t know.  Drink milk?  Or take your calcium so your bones don’t break.  Win games.  Work hard to be the best (or second best) at what you do.  Happy Friday.  Go shoot some hoops.  It’ll be fun.

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2 Responses to Why Am I Writing About Karl Malone?

  1. sinika says:

    I agree with you. Even if his funny sayings are replayed over and over in our house, “HARdees”. It has been sorta snooze worthy since him and Stockton left.

    P.S. I went to the airport too. Coach Sloan gave me a high five.

  2. Tauni says:

    K, You’re so funny! I too miss Karl Malone. There’s not a single person left in this state who talks about themselves in the third person as well as he did.