What to Buy Your Mother-in-Law for Christmas–Oh Sweet Sadie!

Where to buy unique gifts in Salt LakeMy “can do anything” friend Dani Lassiter who organizes the Triathamom race and Goldilocks ride is hosting another Oh Sweet Sadie Art and Gift Show starting TODAY in Daybreak on Soda Row.  OSS F2013 Show-2880

I got a sneak preview last night of the goodies on display.  I couldn’t resist coming home with a homemade box of English Toffee made my an actual British person.  For reals.  Jump ropes for girlsShe had an accent and everything.

I also bought these old-school jump ropes.  We’ve already been out playing my favorite jump rope games from when I was in 4th grade.  Which reminds me.  If you can think of any old songs, please remind me how they go. Once I hear the first line, it ALL comes back to me.

OSS F2013 Show-2890I had one of our cute neighbor girls and her mom over jumping and I’m proud to say that I can STILL Double-Dutch after all these years.

Anyway…go get a jump on what you’re giving your mother-in-law for Christmas.  They have SO many beautiful things to see (and eat).

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