A Labor in Lemonade

We started a new Charity Lemonade Stand tradition last year over Labor Day weekend.

Since we’re not boat people we don’t do much over the long weekend, so we decided this would be a fun helpful thing to do.

We are donating the money to Operation Undies, our own little charity supporting the kids at the Centro de la Familia.

My girls were really excited about it all week long.  We started our preparations early in the week.  We bought Lemonade, we made signs and baked Snicker Doodles to sell. We also did our best publicize our stand the on the blog and on Facebook.  By the time Saturday rolled around we were ready to go!

We got our stuff all set up and began the sale.  Unfortunately it felt more like fall outside than the last few days of summer.  It wasn’t real hot. In fact, the kids had to cover up their cute lemonade themed outfits with warm jackets to keep up with the cool weather.

Luckily we had a few loyal customers show up in the first hour because despite how cute we all were, no one seemed real thirsty for lemonade. 

After about an hour the sun came out and we were able to take off the jackets.  With the sun out, we started having a few cars pull over to buy a can of lemonade.

We also found our short-stacks of ten bagged Snicker Doodles to be a very popular item.  We sold out of those by the end of the stand.

How could we not be successful? Look at the quality of cute in these kids!

The girls were really into it, especially at first.  We had some help from our cute cousins who also helped us come sell.

This little guy was obviously just in it for the food.

We made him earn the cookies he ate and the Lemonade he drank.  When he wasn’t eating he wasn’t a very good salesman.  Luckily there was a playground nearby.  He made the most of that when he had his fill of the merchandise.

With the traffic we were able to stop and the loyal customers like my good girl-friend Amy who came all the way from down-town Salt Lake to patronize our stand and then stayed to help us sell, we considered the stand a huge success.

Alyssa performed acrobatic tricks to attract cars. I think it worked!

In all we raised just over $150 dollars.  We sold all the cookies but less than half of the lemonade we purchased.

If you missed the stand, but still want to support our cause, I’d be happy to sell you a can or bake you some cookies.  Let me know…We can arrange it.

The kids did a great job despite the fact that I had to force them to hold their homemade signs for the last hour. I was proud of them for sticking it out even though they sick of being there by the end.

Special thanks to my Sister-in-law Leslie who was generous enough make a platter of cookies to sell and let us barrow her cute kids to help us move the product.  Also thanks to my dear friend Ally who also donated a big batch of freshly baked cookies. We wouldn’t have made nearly the money without the volume of cookies to sell.

Next year, it might just be a bake stand.






As a reward for being such good sports, I let them paint their OWN fingernails when we got home.  Even though it has nothing to do with the Lemonade Stand, I thought I’d show their fine workmanship.




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One Response to A Labor in Lemonade

  1. Gina says:

    If I lived closer I would have come! Good job.