Get What You Want for Christmas and Win a $200 VISA Gift Card!

Am I the only one who has had a great gift idea then completely forgotten what it was when it was time to buy?  Am I the only one who sees masterfully crafted items on Pinterest but knows in my heart of hearts that I could never recreate them?

I’ve found a solution to both problems.  It’s such a novel idea, I just have to share.

It’s a new site called Sweet Relish. It’s sort of like Pinterest but for on-line shopping. It’s a brand new site just launching.  You can be part of the magic. When I heard about Pinterest I felt like the last one in the world to get on board.  Even better, Sweet Relish is giving away a $200 Visa Gift Card on my blog!  That will help you “Relish” your shopping a little more this gift-giving season.

You’re probably wondering how it all works.  Let’s say you’re on Amazon or Wal-Mart’s site or any other retailer in the world and you see something you might want to buy.  Once you set up your account with them, you’ll use the-super-easy-to-install Sweet Relish Button to grab the potential purchase item you’re interested in and save it in your personalized Sweet Relish categories. When you’re Relishing, take note of the price.  I’ve noticed there are a few items I relished that were discounted on the retailers website and the sale price didn’t transfer to Sweet Relish.  That seems to be the exception, though and not the rule.  Instead of promptly forgetting my great gift ideas, I create lists and save items for when I am ready to ponder them a bit more and decide between choices.  Purchasing is also simple,  no matter what site the item retails at.  It’s all done on the Sweet Relish site. It’s a one-site shopping experience no matter what you want.

You can share your lists with friends and family through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or email also allowing them to see what YOU want.   Sweet Relish helps you avoid the awkward phone calls where your sister-in-law asks you what you want for Christmas and you say “I don’t know” and she says “come on” and your mind goes blank even though you know there are 100 million things you’d like to have and then somehow you end up with another Badmitten set.  Merry Christmas!

All you have to do is point your sister-in-law to your boards.  She can look at your boards and pick something she wants to buy you that’s in her price range.  It’s so genius.

Sweet Relish is just launching their site, so you might be the first of your friends to hear about it.  How cool is that!  Who doesn’t LOVE to be in on the ground floor of something really novel.

Now all my Sweet Relish followers will know that I need THIS sewing machine.  Isn’t it beautiful!  If you follow me on Sweet Relish, you can even see WHY I want this specific machine.  Just Register for Sweet Relish (which will take about 25 seconds), search my name, then hit the “follow” button. Super-duper easy!  Feel free to buy me this sewing machine.  I’m sure I’m not getting it from Steve for Christmas.

Now for the SWEETEST part, FREE MONEY.   I hope you win!  It’s the easiest entry I’ve ever seen!  Be sure to  register with Sweet Relish try it for this Christmas season.  See if it saves you time and makes your shopping more fun and convenient.  I’m loving it, I hope you do too!
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Disclaimer: I am being paid to write this post, isn’t that the coolest?  Now I can buy more gifts using a site which, I personally view as a really cool idea that will change the way I on-line shop whether they’re paying me to say this or not.

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9 Responses to Get What You Want for Christmas and Win a $200 VISA Gift Card!

  1. Annie says:

    i’m feeling lucky! thanks kristin, and sweet relish! what a great idea, and contest!

  2. Ashley Mc says:

    Looks like a great idea!

  3. Ally says:

    I hope I win!! Birthday wishes can come true!

  4. Kristin Taylor says:

    What an amazing idea! Love it!

  5. Melanie says:

    I’m in!!

  6. pily says:

    Can’t wait to go shopping

  7. Mindy says:

    2 entries is better than none. That’ll do pig. That’ll do.

  8. I am feeling lucky. I would like to win your giveaway. Just email me when I do. :)

  9. Amy says:

    Sounds like a great website!